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'When I started writing this, I was told, "Have fun." That's a great mandate, and DC stuck by it. The larger Convergence concept is a huge epic that plays out in the main miniseries. Our tie-ins feed into that and hopefully enrich the main story, but they're basically self-contained stories revisiting beloved characters. So it's win-win.' - Stuart Moore

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It's Friday. I want to strain the brain cells and use my noggin' to it's best potential, but it's been a long week. Thank goodness Marvel has what the doctor ordered.

CosmicBookNews has the preview of Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy.

*Fair warning, I'm jumping straight into the glorified nude scene.

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X-MEN ORIGINS: CYCLOPS plays a little fast and loose with X-history. There's no mention of Mr. Sinister or Jack of Diamonds. The big change is X-MEN #1, where Scott is 21 during Magneto's attack on Cape Citadel. Also, Magneto wants to talk to Cyclops alone for a few minutes.

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Since I posted pages from the first issue of this miniseries five months ago, I thought I'd post four pages from the end, JLA/the99 #6.

As you may recall, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with several members of the 99, were at the unveiling of a City of the Future when suddenly people in the city (and soon all over the world) began rioting. Other disasters started happening as well, with several people acting out of character.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Hopefully, this won't have been posted between the time I started and the time this uploads. Cover and four pages from this week's JLA/99 #1.

For those of you who haven't been around for previous discussions, "The Ninety-Nine" is a concept created by Naif al-Mutawa, in an effort to let kids from Muslim-majority countries have superhero comics they could read with at least some cultural approval. Each of the teenagers in the 99 gets their powers from bonding with a "Noor stone" which contains a fragment of the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Middle East. Their code names come from the 99 names of Allah, minus the bit that makes them a god's name. As part of the themes of the series, while individual members are fairly powerful on their own, they are much more powerful if they link up in threes or more to combine their abilities.

Wonder Woman's costume seems to be the "alternate universe" one solely to allow this comic to be reprinted in countries where her swimsuit outfit would be too controversial; the JLA depicted seems to be one we've never seen together before.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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char: Superman/Clark Kent
char: Wonder Woman/Diana of Themiscrya
creator: Drew Geraci
creator: Fabian Nicieza
creator: Stuart Moore
creator: Tom Derenick
group: Justice League of America
group: The Ninety Nine
publisher: DC Comics
publisher: Teshkeel
theme: crossovers


Mar. 23rd, 2010 11:41 pm
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Two stories from X-Men Unlimited v2 6 and 12 featuring the respective love lives of Kitty Pyrde and Wolverine.

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recommended tags - char: shadowcat/kitty pryde, char: colossus/piotr rasputin, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: marvel girl/phoenix/jean grey, creator: tony bedard, creator: Paul Pelletier, creator: stuart moore, creator: c. p. smith, publisher: marvel comics, title: x-men unlimited
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so, yeah, remember The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay?

well, in 2004, Michael Chabon (credited, amusingly, as House Manager) and Dark Horse Comics did an anthology comic about the hero those two created: the Escapist, who started life as your standard wastrel playboy and was guided into becoming a master of escape by a League who fought things oppressive and chaining.

Such enemies as Captiva, Wotan the Wicked, the Saboteur who plagued Empire City, and most deadly of all the Iron Chain, a society whose crimes were always patterned after binding and imposing. He had allies, though.

(And yes, all those creators did indeed do work for this.. it is an anthology. I forget who did what, but atleast one should be obvious.)

To keep the metanarrative thing going, the stories tended to vary in style, framed as excerpts from different moments in the character's storied history...  )
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One of the I absolutely adored about Moore's run on Firestorm was the sense of humour. Add to the fact Jamal Igle has a knack for distinct expressive faces and the main character Jason totally SUCKS at hiding his feelings, and it's loads of fun.

Jason Rusch has a few things to learn... )


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