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Great news for fans of not having money any more - Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa's magnum opus is now on comixology. You can get the first mini series, the second mini series "Homecoming"* and the first ten issues of the ongoing series. And buy it you should. MY local comic shop guy double checked with me that that was really the title that I wanted on my pull list and yes, indeed it was.

I'm pretty sure that if it were launched today, it would well received by all.

Erin, from Comixology, says )
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"Wherein our Native American hero heads West and meets Altani, the pteranodon-riding daughter of Genghis Khan and the vanguard of the Mongol invasion of the Americas in 1210 AD!" -- Greg Pak

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Today is young adult comics, right?

Does that include Spider-man loves Mary-Jane? (incidentally, my girlfriend has enjoyed the Mary Jane digests)
And she's like, you know )

And that's when I started buying Spider-man loves Mary Jane. My Comic Book Guy even asked me if I was sure that that was the book that I wanted.
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Hello and welcome to the first day of our 30 Days of Winter celebration at [community profile] scans_daily! Apologies for the lateness of this post, but better late than never! Today's theme is Friendship!

Let's have some Runaways, shall we?

nothing says friendship like a box of cereal )

So, [community profile] scans_daily, what are some of your favorite friendships in comics?

And stick with us for the rest of our 30 Days of Winter celebration! Tomorrow's theme is Cosmic Heroes!
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this is the last page of this month's issue. I'm not posting it for the dialogue. pay attention to the next issue blurb. I feel it is of interest to this comm and something a good number of people have been wanting for a while.

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suggested tags: char: spider-man/peter parker, char: iceman/bobby drake, char: human torch/johnny storm, publisher: marvel comics, title: ultimate comics spider-man
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so yeah, remember Ultimate Origins?

Well, the recently concluded story arc in Ultimate Spider-Man and his Ultimate Amazing Friends follows up from the former's "naked flaming Rick Jones" ending.

Follows up EXACTLY from there, actually..  )
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One of my favorite scenes from Runaways Classic (TM). Gert and Chase go shopping, from Runaways vol. 2 #7, by Vaughan and Miyazawa.

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For [personal profile] kingrockwell, who reminded me that all of our SMLMJ posts went poof with SD 1.0. :(

So here are some early scans from the series, back when it was just "Spider-Man Crushes on Mary Jane" ;)

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