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Icon_uk's recent post reminded me that Nation X #2 is out next week, and I don't think I've made a secret of which story I'm looking forward to. ;)

A couple of panels under the cut )

There are three pages of preview art up at along with a brief interview with artist/writer Tim Fish. Ordinarily, I'd probably give this a miss, but between Young Bottoms In Love and Cavalcade of Boys, Tim Fish is on the short list of people I'd trust not to send in eight pages of well-intentioned fail where Northstar's personal life is concerned. So yeah, I'll be buying my first Marvel book off of the rack in almost four years and looking forward to it.
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A bit of news that's relevant to our interests: This Sunday is the fourth annual Wonder Woman Day.

What's Wonder Woman Day, you ask? Why, it's an independent charity fundraiser which raises money for domestic violence shelters and crisis hotlines. Basically, you buy cool Wonder Woman art, and your money helps protect women in need. Very win/win. Entirely something Diana would approve of. And while the city of Portland, Oregon is in no way affiliated with DC, they tend to get some pretty big names out there anyway. This year, Gail, Aaron Lopresti, and Los Bros Hernandez will be in attendance, and there's art on offer from Alex Ross, Rodney Buchemi, Jeff Smith, and Colleen Coover, among others.

"But I'm nowhere near Portland, Oregon!" you protest. Well, that's fine, it's not too late to bid online.

And, just to make it a little more clear how awesome this is:

And that's not even the half of it. Check out the rest of the bidables at the Wonder Woman Day website (be advised it doesn't work right in Firefox >.<), and if you're anywhere near in town, swing by and take a look, it's a good time for a good cause.


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