Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and The X-Tracts #1


"I suddenly had this fully formed vision of a militant '60s X-Men team... like the Weather Underground meets Doom Patrol. Hippie, beatnik superhero revolutionaries. When I decided Apocalypse was going to be a combination of Professor X and Andy Warhol, I knew I had my in, and finally a use for my years of Art History college classes." -- Tim Seeley

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Brilliant Trash #1

"This is definitely my William Gibson/Paul Verhoven/Warren Ellis future epic. And, I mean, so much of what those writers wrote about, which seemed so outrageous at the time came true, some of it even more insane and outrageous than even their incredible imaginations could ponder. Brilliant Trash is an angry, twisted, funny science fiction action comic containing all my bitter observations about the world, with exploding people and head-punching."

- Tim Seeley

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Guess who's coming to Bludhaven - Nightwing #16 preview

Courtesy of Comics Alliance

Now, as we sort of know, there are few people Damian actually likes. He respects a couple, loathes several and disdains nearly everyone else on the planet. But people he actually LIKES, we're probably limited to Colin (who seems to been lost in the New52) and of course, his big brother and favourite partner in crimefighting, Nightwing.

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So what could possibly increase tensions between them?

Perhaps the only thing that Damian is ALWAYS concerned about

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A Nightwing catch-up - Nightwing 9 and 10

The current twice monthly scheduling of Nightwing is good news for those of us who like more Dick in our lives, but can make the deciding of when to make posts a little tricky, but I'm working on it.

The latest arc has Dick moving away from Gotham, to somewhere both familiar and different, on multiple levels.

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