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From one of the several Hellboy prequels, I bring you some of the second series of pulp-inspired Lobster Johnson adventures!
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Since this week was a light one for comics, (Only Uncanny X-Men and Supergirl), I read Who is Jake Ellis?. I'd heard lots of good things about it, and after raving about it, iFanboy made it their Book of the Month for December 2011.

It is an honour well deserved. Art is by Tonci Zonjic, who has come on leaps and bounds since his pretty good work on Marvel Divas. The use of colour in this book is amazing, with lots of bold sections of primary colours against an otherwise grey palette.

The story is by Nate Edmondson, whose book The Activity has begun recently at Image. I'll probably have a look at issue #1 over the weekend.

As for Who is Jake Ellis itself, it's a five part mini series, about a former CIA analyst (Jon Moore) on the run from Americans and other groups, hiding out in Europe and doing criminal work.

There is simply nothing half so much worth doing, as messing about in boats. )

The book is a dynamic, exciting one. It's not a tough read, or a lengthy one, but it is really well designed and a "visual treat", to use a dreadful reviewers' phrase

The sequence above is especially good as I just love seeing scenes retold in exactly the same way, but with a significant detail added, or a change in perspective that alters the whole thing.

You know what it's just made me think of? I need to watch that again.
But Who is Jake Ellis?
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We found out yesterday why the Prince of Orphans was hounding the previous Iron Fist all those years, and why he defected from following the leaders of the Heavenly Cities (because the leaders are lying, sanctimonious jerkasses).

But- what happened to that super-climactic revolution that was going down?

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3 pages from Immortal Iron Fist #13, 1 1/4 pages from Immortal Iron Fist #14, 8 of 36 pages from Immortal Weapons #5
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Marvel's Ladies Year, as previously discussed, is turning out seriously hit and miss. We've had a couple of posts for Heralds (and we know that stubbleupdate wasn't keen), but I don't think it's had enough love yet!

The book was a five-issue mini (written by Kathryn Immonen, this part pencilled by Tonji Zonjic) featuring Monica Rambeau, Valkyrie, Emma Frost, Agent Brand, She-Hulk, Hellcat, Sue Storm kind of, and a new character (who I'll be introducing later) teenaged waitress (redheaded! Hey Marvel!) Frances. It also brings back Frankie Raye: Nova, Herald of Galactus. Frankie's been dead, and she's a bit messed up and only partially present - a tiny fragment of her has been hidden in Frances since she was fourteen, and now the fragment has gotten out and found its way to ex-boyfriend Johnny Storm. Dreamscape possession time! In my opinion, this whole seven-page sequence from issue three is rad, but only three pages are included here.

Inside the minds of fake-married Frankie and Johnny )

Great, right? I don't know if or when Heralds will be coming out in trade, but, cross your fingers or look out backissues, huh?


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