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It is unoriginally but accurately titled, “Batman’s Greatest Case.” It’s a sort of summation of my work on Batman drawn by two of the best Bat-artists ever. -- Tom King

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I wrote these three books, Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, and Vision and I thought they were three different books and they all turned out to be the same book. It’s just like what you we’re saying “Oh, I’m just writing the same theme over and over again, it’s about a guy who tries to do something well and finds out something’s more complicated it all goes to shit.” I was like, “Oh, this is my CIA experience.” [...] And now I’m doing Batman and Mister Miracle and now like “Oh, I’m just writing about — you go through trauma but your family puts you back together, that’s my 2016 nervous breakdown experience.” -- Tom King

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I came in through Frank Miller and Alan Moore, and I feel like I am just constantly reflective of them in one way or another, but I have guys who came into through Grant Morrison, like Tim Seeley or Steve Orlando, they’re constantly comparing “What kind of comics are you writing? Oh, you’re trying to write those other kinds of comics.” I think your origins are always with you. -- Tom King

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The goal is to put Booster at the center of the DCU. To give him the popularity and respect he deserves as a character. To accomplish this goal, he will be stretched to his limits and he might break. But it’s all in service to the character and the story, I swear. -- Tom King

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I seriously, honestly, tried in good faith to have a different entry for each theme, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to break that self-imposed rule here. Much as I loathe him, Grant Morrison's take on the Joker during "Batman: RIP" is supposed to be an in-universe take on the character. More's the pity, since I don't think I've seen any comic-book redesign that's inspired this much rage for me.

There's not one specific design I have in mind, since Morrison had the J-man cycle through several through a couple of variations throughout "Batman: RIP", but in my humble opinion, they all suck.

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