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From the cover of Wimmen's Comix #4 (1974; art by Shelby Sampson)

By 1970, the underground comix field had come into its own as a creators' alternative to Comics Code restrictions on language, art and subject matter. This freer, "anything goes" environment was a positive development for comic books overall (otherwise I wouldn't be making all these posts about it). But it also had a darker side: an increased emphasis on content that was brutally degrading to women, and the exclusion of women creators from the most popular comix titles.

Feminist cartoonists to the rescue! (Trigger warning for sexism/misogyny) )
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Do you miss Eclipse Comics? I certainly do. Let's lookl at the first issue of Eclipse Monthly, their first color anthology comic.

Three pages each of four ten-page stories, and two pages of a six-page story. WARNING: "Dope" is an adaptation of an early Sax Rohmer story, and has period racism.

Back to 1983. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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I wasn't really planning to post any of this, which came out a few weeks ago. But I just found out Honey's portrayer Anne Francis died Monday, so this seemed a fitting way to recognize.

You may recall in issue 1, Killer on the Keys Part 1: Bikini Death, ocelot-owning P.I. Honey West was hired to go undercover as a go-go dancer at the Purple Pussy to find out who killed the accompanist and the waitress he was canoodling with. Another dancer landed in the hospital after dancing in a bikini treated with poisoned day-glo paint, a bikini meant for Honey!

When we left our heroine, she had stormed off to confront the hippie-chick dressmaker Velvet who made the bikini, only to be sucked into a Happening that left Velvet shot dead with a prop gun meant to contain only blanks. Issue 2 picks up with hunka-hunka burnin' JUSTICE Lt. Mark Storm arriving on the scene to find Honey standing over Velvet's body in "Killer on the Keys Part 2: Requiem for a Dressmaker."
She's dead, Mark. Five minutes ago she was laughing... )
4 pages out of a 22 page story. R.I.P., Anne. May your forever abode be filled with slinky catsuits and leopard-print sheaths, cool cocktails, and plenty of tall, dark and handsome strangers to trade entendres with.
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Picked this up on a lark, because it looked so up my alley.

For those of you who don't know her, Honey West was the heroine of a series of hard-boiled mystery novels in the 1950s. Honey wore close-fitting clothes and lots of animal prints. She has an ocelot, Bruce. She knows Judo. She has a cool car. She's smart and no-nonsense.

In the 1960s the books were made into a TV series which lasted one season. Spun off Gene Barry's successful urbane-detective show Burke's Law, Honey West looked to cop a little of that Emma Peel cool. It did not hurt that she was played by Anne Francis:


And here's a little of Moonstone Comics' take on Honey. )

Next issue, "Chapter 2: Requiem for a Dressmaker." We can only hope it will have more of the ocelot.

Mods, the preview image isn't from the story proper but from an ad for the DVD set. Let me know if that's not cool and I'll yank it.
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Following his appearance in Girl comics #1, I want to do an Ares Minipost. He's the best "new" character to come out of Marvel since Civil War and I've really enjoyed the push that he's received under Bendis and Gillen.

There is a line before me that demarcates where you stop being treated as citizens and start being treated as soldiers. It is a line that only I can see and I swear unto all of you -- once you cross it you have declare war. Against your city, against your government...and against me. And make no mistake: I love to fight wars.


And this isn't even touching his appearances in Incredible Herc (Blows from an unseen assailant have felled Wonder Man!) and ("I AM SORRY WONDER MAN I CANNOT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF RETURNING FIRE!"). I'm giggling just reading that

*I know that it doesn't rhyme

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