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Now a sequence that brought me tears of kick-ass joy!

DC One Million #4:

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And so our Bloodlines event comes to its surprising conclusion.

We saw the DC heroes captured by the newly risen Taker, all except Flash and Superman. Now it's time for a new group of heroes to get their butts kicked, I mean save the day.

One (well two sorta) New Bloods powers proved utterly key in this story, can you guess which tough guy saves the day?

18.5 pages from a 56 page story.

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Continuing on from last time, Oracle has been with the League through several major events, but nothing like what's about to hit the entire Distinguished Competition.

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Doop posted this from Mark Millar's Trouble miniseries. An attempt by Marvel to use modern soap opera in a romance comics way and shoehorn in a shocking twist to the origin of Spider-man. It was received terribly and isn't canon.

I personally believe Roger Stern had in mind a sort-of 'this is how you SHOULD have done it' style retcon when he wrote 'Just A Sweet Old Song' for The Amazing Spider-man Family 7. Because it's still a recent comic, I had to chop up the bits I could show, but it also mentions the events that were originally shown here, also by Doop. As far as we know, this IS current canon.

(Roughly 4 pages worth of scans under the cut)


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