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Greetings True Believers!

I bring you scans from a fraking awesome X-Men one-shot. Second Comings Revelations: Blind Science.

It knocked my socks off. Two reasons. An amusing storyline and the fact that Doctor Nemesis is the shit. Seriously, he belongs in NEXTWAVE.

In this one-shot Dr. Kavita Rao, Madison Jeffries(Box) and Doctor Nemesis save the day....with SCIENCE!

Plus, nazi-dolphins.

Suggested Tags: char: dr. nemesis/james bradley, char: box/madison jeffries, char: kavita rao, group: x-club, event: second coming, publisher: marvel comics, creator: simon spurrier, creator: paul davidson, creator: francis portela

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Warning: spoilers for X-Force #26 ahead.

Two panels from Uncanny X-men #524 under the cut. )

Suggested tags: char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner,  char: wolverine/logan/james howlett,  event: second coming,  group: x-men,  title: uncanny x-men, creator: matt fraction,  creator: terry dodson
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The X-related scans of the week, both featuring interplay of the present and the future.

First up, Part 2 of "Second Coming" in Uncanny X-Men #523 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson.

The Wonders of the Motel 7 )

Next up, four from Wolverine: Weapon X #12, by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, as Wolverine and New Cap take on the Deathloks.

Two guys named James who are never called James )
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Four pages from X-Men: Second Coming #1.

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group: x-men, creator: chris yost, creator: craig kyle, creator: david finch, event: second coming, publisher: marvel comics
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Images behind the cut. )
char: wolverine/logan/james howlett,event: second coming,group: x-men,publisher: marvel comics,char: cyclops/scott summers,char: hope summers, char: magneto/erik magnus lehnsherr,char: cable/nathan summers,creator: mike carey, creator: stuart immonen
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Another teaser image has been released. ComicbookNews has the pic. And I hope something original comes from this, as we have seen it before.

All this has happened before...  )


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