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Shadowland in general is pretty hit-or-miss. It's pulling some pretty nifty characters out of relative obscurity and putting them in a prominent place, like the Shroud, Silver Sable, and Shang-Chi. It's also putting Misty and Colleen back on the map and quietly abandoning Misty's Afro That Ate New York, which only works when Khari Evans is drawing her.

On the other hand, Colleen's Daughters of the Shadow miniseries is a lazy collection of anime cliches, the main book has really inconsistent art, and then there's the whole issue of Possessed Ninja-Master Daredevil. As a crossover, it's nicely inobtrusive; as a story, it's got issues.

The bright spot in the whole thing, though, is Shadowland: Power Man, a four-issue limited series by Fred Van Lente and Mahmud Asrar. The concept in a nutshell: there's a guy in Spanish Harlem using the Power Man name and the "hero for hire" gimmick, and Luke, Danny, and the Hand would all like to know why.

You don't need to follow Shadowland to read this book, and it is in many ways a direct sequel to Luke's solo book from the '70s. It really reminds me of Dwayne McDuffie writing Static, and I mean that in the best way possible.

four pages from issue #1, six pages from issue #2 )
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More factions arise of one of Marvel's most well known villainous organizations. ComicBookResources has the cover as a new title emerges from Shadowlands.

Deadliest of the species. )


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