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Ok, the other day we had Time Lincoln vs Trump book from Antarctic Press, and people were, well, less than impressed.

Now, Antarctic Press is actually one of my fav small publishers, but that sounds odd after the last one, right?

Ah, but let me show you some of their other fair! Including, from a women-creator anthology series Anya that just started, the story Grocery Quest!

From Arya #1 )

Grocery Quest part 1 is by Sofia Dauila is in Arya #1, and it shares the book with another story, Adventure Quest XXI. It's by Antarctic Press and it's a recent release, so I recommend checking it out!

*Edit* Arya, not Anya
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What happens when you combine Dungeons & Dragons, other medievil fantasy stories, and cooking series? Why, you get the intriguing series known as Delicious in Dungeon. Let's take a look at the first chapter!

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"The real world stuff is always grounded, and we focus a lot on the characters and the environment. The situations are things we know and have seen. That familiarity creates a sense of realness in the reader. We then move away from that a bit, but we always keep one foot on the ground.

With the fantasy, the environment and the characters. Their facial expressions. The quiet moments. There is a scene in issue #2 between two of the more fantastic fantasy characters, and they are having a casual conversation that isn’t full of pompous fantasy talk that I think makes them more like characters than caricatures.
" - Joshua Williamson

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrei Bressan
Colorist: Adriano Lucas

With the fourth arc beginning this week, it's time we return to Birthright. Hopefully you've all seen that post on the first issue I did a while back and checked out the series, since it's really damn good. If not, click here to read before checking out this post.

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"The chosen one idea is one of the oldest stories from a savior aspect where people want to put their faith in one person that will bring change and save us, and then the aspect that everyone wants to believe they are special. That has always fascinated me, and I felt that there is a lot of story there to play with.

If your entire life was about one moment, your destiny was decided that all you were ever going to do, all you were going to be about is this one thing, what do you do after? What do you do next? What do you do if you lose? What if your destiny was wrong? And then again, what happens next? Do you find a new destiny? Do you roll up into a ball and die? Do you find peace? That drove me nuts and lead to the creation of Birthright.
" - Joshua Williamson

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Andrei Bressan
Colorist: Adriano Lucas

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Hi folks!

A bit behind on the Jump Start stories--I didn't even finish reading last Monday's Shonen Jump until this morning! Anyhow, the February 16 issue had two Jump Starts, and this...is the shounen one.

There's certain setups that keep recurring in Jump titles; this one is "idiot hero whose primary virture is never giving up." Eighteen pages of fifry-five from the intro chapter.

What lies within the fifth leaf is... )

Given the way this chapter treats sexual harrassment as comedy, and the female character introduced at the end of the third chapter likes to loll around drunkenly in her underwear in public, I don't think this story will scor points with feminists.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi folks!

It seems such a short time since the last round of Shounen Jump "Jump Start" postings, but here we are. For those of you who joined us in just the last three months, Shonen Jump changes out non-performing manga series on a quarterly basis. The online edition now prints the first three chapters of every new series, hoping not to get caught off guard as they were by Nisekoi, Food Wars and Boku no Hero Academia.

Kagamigami "Mirror Spirit" is by Toshiaki Iwashiro, who previously did Psyren. That series was a hit for a while, and appeared in the print version of the American translation. But when they switched to the online edition, Psyren had taken a dive in the ratings, so it was dropped, and ended shortly thereafter in Japan. This first chapter of Kagamigami is nearly identical to the one-shot that ran last year--I'll talk about a key difference after the main presentation.

Eighteen pages of fifty-five from last week's chapter. (Two weeks ago on Monday.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Now this is rather beautiful and (so far) fluffily romantic (I'm not all weird you know, I can appreciate the fluffily romantic)

I've seen many a pleasant repurposing of the classic "knight slays dragon and wins the heart of a lady fair" story, many of them (quite rightly) featuring the lady fair (or otherwise) taking matters into her own hands and not requiring the knight in the first place. Here, however, is a variation I don't think I have seen before...

To borrow one of my favourite subversive quotes from Star Trek, when a deranged Sulu goes all half naked and swashbuckler-y

Sulu - I'll protect you, fair maiden!

Uhura - Sorry, neither

(I still can't believe that got past the censors)

Of course, this has a slightly... different interpretation of that reply

Because sometimes the lady fair isn't even a lady )
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Pathfinder is what happens when a bunch of fans of Dungeons & Dragons decide they aren't down with the new edition of the game and go off to do their own thing. The comic book series from Dynamite, by Jim Zub (Skullkickers) with art by Jake Bilbao and Sean Izaakse, is set early in the careers of the games' signature characters (a.k.a. the "iconics") as they deal with a number of problems in and around the city of Sandpoint.

Word from on high is that the iconic characters of Pathfinder should all be considered bisexual until further notice. Such appears to be the case here.

hey kids, who likes lady adventurers?! )

Bad Dog!

Mar. 31st, 2013 05:49 pm
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With HBO's "Game of Thrones" back on today I figured I'd post a related webcomic.

As a disclaimer, if you're not familiar with the show or the original books you probably won't get the humor and there's also a little bit of (cartoonish) gore.

Image under the cut... )
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Shounen fight manga is a genre not know for giving female characters good roles. In most series, they're either barely there, on the sidelines, or playing second fiddle to the male lead whenever a major fight rolls around.

Fairy Tail is not one of those series!

Erza Scarlet in Pandemonium behind cut )
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This will probably appeal more to people who are familiar with the series A Song of Ice and Fire or the TV show Game of Thrones. Lots of exposition to deliver if you haven't, although the following pages mostly stand on their own.

Those who have read the books know that they cut out a major scene from the show; the one where Sandor Clegane tells Sansa Stark the story about his scars. It's to this day IMO one of the worst things they did. Fortunately, the comics saw fit to include it. This is from the ninth issue of the series.

Finally a trigger warning for a scene of child abuse.

Scans under the cut... )

Heads up: Spoilers in the comments
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In 1972, a French artist called Fred released the first collected album of Philémon, which begun serialisation in the legendary anthology magazine Pilote: home of Astérix, Blueberry and Valérian and Laureline. Although not as famous as those comics, I think Philémon, is a brilliant series, full of visual humor and inventive artwork. I recently discovered Fred's work and I'd like to share it with you.

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Unlike the other comics I've been discussing, this one wasn't in my collection. But I once owned a copy back when it came out in the bygone year of 1977. I'm pretty sure I didn't buy it for any particular reason, as my selection of comics was pretty limited in a city where English is a second-language. I think it just showed up at a local used book shop and I bought it with some of my allowance without cracking the cover. Like the other roughly 30 or 40 other Marvel and DC comics I owned at the time it got read literally to pieces and thrown out years ago.

But yesterday I came across another copy of it in a local junk shop and, remembering it, decided to buy it and re-read it. This goes against the general rule of never revisiting a childhood story as you'll almost always be disappointed. In this case it's not least because in the years since I've developed my own fantasy chops up to the point of writing and selling fantasy for role-playing game supplements and the like. I've got pretty high standards for the genre now. A fantasy hipster, that's me.

Much to my surprise Weirdworld's held up pretty well. Doug Moench's writing is derivative, but not in a bad way. Pay no attention to the cover blurb's invocation of Lord of the Rings, as rather it mixes equal parts Robert E. Howard with the more baroque stylings of, say, John Brunner or Clark Ashton Smith. I strongly suspect some Marvel editor was trying to ride the wave of the Tolkien craze, which is sad because it was largely confined to the 1960s. Marvel's had an abysmal record of trying to jump on bandwagons just as they screeched to a halt, caught fire, and then fell into the swamp -- see Dazzler, a couple years later, or Storm's tragic attempts at punky leather. I can nitpick the names Moench gives his characters, but the infliction of bad fantasy names is endemic so I'm inclined to forgive it if the rest holds together.

The art, by Mike Ploog and Alex Niño, is above-par for the era, and Glynis Wein's colours are stunning for 1977. Compare and contrast with the ham-handed work in my post of Matt Wagner's Demon.

Eleven pages of thirty-one (is that OK, mods? The rules didn't say how to handle fractions, so I rounded up) now follow...

Weirdworld is weird. So it's fortunate they named it that. )
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Courtesy of the awesome Budjette Tan, half the creative team of TRESE.

I went exploring round his dA and found some gems. I'm sure you're already sick of me and my Filipino posts, but I'm not stopping anytime soon ;)

Can we get a tag for KOMIKS, anyone? So I'll have somewhere to put Filipino comics under?

You can't resist the pull of it... )

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I THINK this counts.

Supernatural detective girl who may or may not be the future queen of darkness, born from twins, one of which died in birth (wow, does this sound John Constantine to you?) and of a family of protectors? Have fun.

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