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I posted about an anthology comic I edited and contributed to in October, but now I want to share a comic I've been working on since the start of 2016 :) 

It's an LGBTQ+ urban supernatural action/suspense comic set in Metro Manila. Though the title is technically "Beloved Engkantado Horrors" I mostly just call it "BEHKomiks", 'beh' being the Filipino equivalent of "bae"

Been selling it in the Indie circuit here in the Philippines, but also I've been posting it in web comic format to Tapas. 

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Hi. Frequent lurker, occasional poster. My new book CLOUD STORIES goes on sale in better comic book stores around the USA today so I thought I should make a post here about it. It's a collection of short comics stories loosely organized around the topic of clouds. They vary in subject and tone from horror to slapstick comedy, high fantasy to memoir. I think it's pretty good!

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Hello, true believers!  Well, things seem kinda dark in my country for a while, due to the recent election, so I thought I would post some of my favorite indy comics friends, and hopefully help spread some queer cheer (and maybe help them make some money while I'm at it).  All creators have given their consent for me to post what I have.

You guys might remember Laurel Lynn Leake--she went by [personal profile] meatwhichdreams and posted some of her Lady Gaga stuff back in 2010!  Well, I'm pleased to announce that she has since gone to comics school, got her comics degree, and continued making awesome work, which I am pleased to own.  This is from All Rumors Are True, her cracked-out drag porn thrillfest!
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You can check out the rest of All Rumors are True (plus the rest of Laurel's awesome work) HERE!  Give the girl some love, y'all!

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So my local Comic-Con was last weekend and I want to share one of my finds, a beautiful indie 5-issues miniseries called "Spirit Leaves" by Rossi Gifford, published by Chapterhouse Comics(Who also publishes Captain Canuck).

Descrption from the website:

"Scottish-born Rossi Gifford’s quarterly debut has been hailed as “a beautifully rendered surreal adventure” by Ramon Perez, and a “dynamic and involving with a gorgeous colour palette” by Dave Gibbons.

Freya, an albino deer girl training to be a shaman, sets off to the mystical forest to find out what is causing an imbalance. Along the journey,she meets a wolf boy looking for the same entity, and they agree to find it together. Both are determined to pursue this force and prove they are capable on their own – but how do you stop a demon?

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Please enjoy a free eight page preview of my new graphic novel Fangirl.

Fangirl is about a girl named Alice heading to her first comic convention to meet her online guild. While at the con Alice witnesses a murder committed by a crooked cop. Alice and her friends do the only thing they can think of...hide in plain sight at the world's largest con!

If you like what you see, please consider backing my Kickstarter campaign.

Fangirl Cover
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In February and March 1974, SF writer Philip K. Dick had a series of hallucinatory experiences which influenced the remainder of his personal life and literary career. Although he generally treated these as genuine spiritual revelations, on which he wrote a massive journal commentary he called the Exegesis, he did occasionally consider the possibilities that these visions were symptoms of schizophrenia or a temporal lobe epilepsy. Whatever they were, in 1981 Dick sat with interviewer Gregg Rickman to discuss them, and in the summer of 1986, R. Crumb illustrated some excerpts in Weirdo #17. 2⅔ pages out of 8.

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