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Now, everyone knows the story of the Jed- er, I mean Quantum Dragoons, and their rebellion against the Empir- ... er, Hegemonic Order, but do you know how the Dragoons first learned their fantastic powers?

It all began with a teacher named Yodel...

Steam Wars asks-what if Yoda was a small black girl? )

From Steam Wars: First Empire #1 by Fred Perry
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"Legenderry takes many of the main players of the Dynamite universe — including Steve Austin of The Six Million Dollar Man, the classic pulp duo of Green Hornet and Kato, legendary masked adventurer Zorro, Dynamite mainstay Vampirella, beloved Jack Kirby-created superheroes Silver Star and Captain Victory, King Features legends Flash Gordon and The Phantom and finally, the swords-and-sorcery icon Red Sonja — and twists them in a Victorian world..." -- Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci

Some pages from the two issues released so far of Bill Willingham and Sergio Davila's new mini-series...

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