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"I’ve always been interested in the peripheral characters in an epic superhero world: what do they do when they go home to their apartment? How do they make money? Pass the time? Do they have friends, coworkers? How can these mythic stories coexist with mundane ones? I wanted to shift the perspective of a big superhero comic to focus on the smaller and more relatable stories happening just outside the panels."

- Kristen Gudsnuk

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MediSin #1

Aug. 2nd, 2017 11:04 pm
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"I always wondered where the super villains went after the battles to get patched up. They couldn’t just walk into a regular hospital or they’d be arrested for their crimes. They would clearly need an alternate form of medicine, something a bit unusual."

- Jeff Dyer

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Buzzkill #1

Jun. 7th, 2017 11:56 pm
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"A super hero who gets his powers and abilities from drinking and doing drugs. BUT something has happened to him, something big and super secret…He was put into a position where he had to get so "Powered up" (WASTED) that he blacked out, he awoke to hundreds dead and a city destroyed and on fire. Now he’s trying to get clean, he’s hung up the tights and is in 12 step. But just because you want to walk away doesn’t mean the villains are going to let you. It very literally becomes "Drink and Live….Stay sober and die."

- Donny Cates

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"The original inspiration was that I wanted to write about boredom. The killer to me is someone who is bored and unsatisfied and needs to somehow fill a hole in his life. As I developed the idea I saw a real opportunity to make superheroes vulnerable, so that became a big part of my writing as the story developed."

- Tony McDougall

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