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The Death Patrol: part one, two, three. Now, I can't leave this alone with someone cross-dressing.

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Dave Berg left on #12, and to title took a break until #20. It returned with Gill Fox . Jack Cole returned briefly, then Al Stahl took over.

The Death Patrol lasted until #52 (August, 1946). The September issue had Bill Ward's Torchy in its place.



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By Military Comics #3 "The Death Patrol" has fallen to the back pages, appearing as the last story in the issues. This is Jack Cole's last time on the title.


In #4 Dave Berg has taken over Death Patrol. At the start of the issue he brings in Chief Chuck-a-Lug. In #5 he will bring in King Hotentot and a long time Patrol member doesn't make it back. See in under the cut!


Stay Tuned! In our next episode Hitler sends out women to seduce the boys! We also meet Boris the Borsht Eater.



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Nobody takes death in comic books very seriously. Honestly, nobody should.

It is long comic book tradition to die--until a writer in need resurrects you. (Or the just restart the whole you storyline in a universe breaking way. No, I'm not bitter.). So long that even in the 1930s people weren't taking things seriously.

One of the first features of Military Comics was The Death Patrol. It really takes confidences in your skill you put Death in your name.

Meet Butch the safe cracker; Gramps the pickpocket; Hank the rustler; Slick the a con artist, and millionaire Del van Dyne.


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