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After over four decades reading comics, I've read a lot of series which went in one eyeball and out the other, others which I'm not sure made it as far as the eyeball, and others which I can still quote chapter and verse one without having to think about it.

One of the series in that last category is the original run of Power Pack.

I mention, and repost this, now because episode 12 of the podcast "Unpacking The Power of Power Pack" (Think of a "Jay and Miles Xplain the X-Men" or "Titan up the Defence" approach to Power Pack) scored quite the coup is having, as their first ever guest interview, none other than artist and co-creator of Power Pack, June Brigman.

I've heard Louise Simonson discuss it in some detail, but this is the first time I've ever heard the other half of the creative duo speak. You can listen to it on I-Tunes, Stitcher etc or download it on their website. I would strongly recommend this episode in particular as listening to creators discuss their process is always fascinating, and June Brigman is a delight.

For those unfamiliar with the titles it's the adventures of what have to count as the youngest team of superheroes ever, their shapeshifting living spaceship and their magical alien sea-horse who thinks Earth should survive because of "Alice in Wonderland".

From 1984, and a longbox it took me a while to find, comes, issue 1 of...

(Approximately 12 pages from a 36 page issue, and three panels from #3)

Saving their parents - and the world - in their jim-jams! )
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This theme is perhaps a little superceded for some by the recent slates of Marvel and DC movies, which may have made some people’s dreams come true already.

On the other hand, maybe it didn’t and there’s some long overlooked character you would LOVE to see turned into a movie.

Alas, my tendency to overthink things kicked in and I realised that in terms of a movie, I was looking for something very specific.

There are many series I think deserve their own TV series (live action or animated) that’s a lot easier for me to think of, since it would allow for more characters and more development.

Amethyst is just begging for a proper cartoon series (Whether you go Masters of the Universe style, or a little more serious take a la Legend of Korra), the story of a world hopping magical girl in a dimension where gemstones have powers seems like a winner.

The New Mutants has teen drama and powers and as long as they avoid some of the unfortunate choices they made in the 1990’s “Generation X” TV movie, it could be great.

The Jack Knight Starman might be fun, as a low key superhero cum businessman, though I'd worry it might get a bit Smallville "Monster of the Week".

A Madame Xanadu anthology supernatural show could be great, as she offers advice through her card readings to people who come to her shop to ask her help with supernatural situations, and the results of them following, or not following, her advice… perhaps with guest appearances by the Phantom Stranger if things get REALLY out of hand.

No, my final choice was one that surprised even me, but as soon as I thought of it, it just clicked…

It’s Captain Marvel….

No not that Captain Marvel, the OTHER Captain Marvel

No not that one either, the OTHER other one

And probably not that one either, I mean, CAPTAIN MARVEL

You know.... Monica Rambeau )
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Back in 1988, Marvel ran a competition to create a new mutant character, with the prize being that they would feature in a Marvel comic... sort of like a low rent version of the 1980's "Dial H for Hero" (Which I must make a post on soon). There were Junior and a Senior sections.

The Senior winner was Tom "Alchmey" Jones, who showed up in an X-Factor story (with art by Art Adams, and about gold-greedy trolls trying to use his transmutation powers for their own ends) and the Junior winner (in a story with art by Sal Velluto) is this character....

The debut of... Lighttrakker! )
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Well, we've had some serious stuff on here lately, and that's fine and dandy of course, but I believe in leavening that mix with some fun, and in this case, it's the adventures of what have to count as the youngest team of superheroes ever, their shapeshifting living spaceship and their magical alien space horsey who thinks Earth should survive because of "Alice in Wonderland".

From 1984, and a longbox it took me a while to find, comes, issue 1 of...

(Approximately 12 pages from a 36 page issue, and three panels from #3)

Saving their parents - and the world - in their jim-jams! )
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Greetings True Believers!

Walter Simonson's run of The Mighty Thor is just perfect. The Warriors Three are a big part of that perfection.

The Asgardians have just defeated Surtur and saved the Nine Realms. Time to head home? Odin's Stones, no! Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral hit the streets for some errands and Midgard fun!

They, in the words of Carl from ATHF, "Don't need instructions to know how to rock!"

Plus a scene from the cute flirtation that Beta Ray Bill and Sif had around that time.

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Hey Scans Daily! I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. This has been something I have wanted to post for a long time, and since this week you don't need an invite code to join Dreamwidth, I figured I would just go ahead and make an account.

Anyways... when the solicitation came out for Runaways vol. 2, #26 when Joss Whedon was writing the book, a lot of people commented on the suggestive way the Punisher was standing behind Molly. This immediately made me think of the add from the 80's for a Spider-man/Power Pack PSA comic about sexual abuse.

Your body belongs to you! )

So... I just had to make this:

And remember, it's not your fault! )

I also wend looking though old posts and found this: http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/1122058.html

Do you think they were trying to draw similarities between the Runaways and Power Pack? I mean from that old post and Joss Whedon's first story arc alone, we have the Punisher and Kingpin. Not to mention both groups connection to Cloak and Dagger.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this.
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Dr. Doom sent Typhoid after Power Pack to steal alien Kymellian technology from them. She seems to think the best way to do that is by trying to kill the Power kids' father, because Typhoid is crazy. Doom does not like that idea.

Painful childhood flashback )
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Greetings True Believers! Here are 3 and half scans from Thor and the Warriors Four #3.

The cute will destroy you! Power Pack! Tiny Thor! Widdle Odin! Baby Ray Bill!


Suggested Tags: char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: beta ray bill, char: loki, char: enchantress/amora, char: energizer/katie power, group: power pack, publisher: marvel comics, creator: alex zalben, creator: gurihiru.

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Oh look, it's Friday! There must be some exceptionally good WIN! around here....found it! HERE IT IS! Courtesy of CosmicBookNews, two daily doses of fun to start the weekend behind the cut. Preview on the link.

Adventures in baby sitting. )
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Greetings True Believers! Here are four scans from Thor and the Warriors #2. It's the Power Pack, Thor and Beta Ray Bill! Joy-Core!!

Love the art.

Love the story.

I highly recommend this mini!!

Suggested tags: char: thor/thor odinson/donald blake, char: beta ray bill, group: power pack, creator: alex zalben, creator: gurihiru, publisher: marvel comics.

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Its Friday, and I thought about posting something light hearted for the long weekend after a busy week at work. CosmicBookNews has the preview, and a quick recap of the Power Pack and where they stand (who has what powers) for the tale. Spread out behind the cut.

Sorry, kids, no cosmic powered alien rings but.... )
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As an act of good will after my previous post, I will post one of the June solicits from Marvel that looks like so much innocent sweet fun. From Thor and the Warriors Four #3.

Sing it together, kids... across the rainbow bridge of Asgaaaard... )
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The cover alone merited being placed here on S_D. PopcultureShock has the cover and solicit info for Thor and the Warriors Four #2.

Giddy up )
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Power Pack's pretty much the kid-friendly package of Marvel you can let your kids read, which I guess was what my dad thought of so he bought quite a lot of Power Pack comics back in the day for me to read.

I mean, space ponies, magical space ponies that bestowed powers on kids (Animorphs has a suspiciously similar origin, hm) and evil Snarks - snake lizard people!

It's so adorable and family friendly fun!

Not really )

PS: Btw tell me if you guys want scans to be a little bigger next time. I'm not using my normal laptop when I'm using the scanner to post things, and I'm not sure what's a more comfortable resolution for the majority of you to see the scans. Personally, it's a little small on my side, but it might be perfectly legible for you guys so I don't want to go overboard on the scan sizes.
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This is my 1st post here, so I hope this is all legal. I didn't find any of these here in s_d 2.0, but I'm not sure about the original.

I just read "X-Men and Power Pack: The Power of X" and had to share some cute scans.



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