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Here we are at the concluding chapter! Onward! Vamanos!
While these posts are about the Three Cabs as a whole, this one must start with a note about Donald Duck - or rather, Don Rosa's handling of Donald Duck.
Now, I have nothing against Don Rosa's stuff - most of it's great - but his focus is definitely more on Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey and Louie than on Donald. This isn't to say that Donald doesn't get any good moments in his stories - he does - but most of the time, he's basically just a disaster magnet, and is frequently portrayed as a bit of a lunkhead and whipping boy.
'Most of the time'? 'Frequently'? 'Not so fast, there', you say. 'That implies there are exceptions.'
Well, now that you mention it...

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Here we go! Part two of our fine feathered threesome's adventures!
After the Kelly adaptation, there was precious little to be found of the Three Caballeros for a number of years, in or out of comics. Individually, they had some success stories - Donald is... Donald; Jose became hugely popular in his home country of Brazil, where he's still a major name, and Panchito also had some comics in which he featured, although I know little of them - but the three together? No way, Jose - or Donald or Panchito.
Then Don Rosa came along.

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OK, so a little explanation is required here. A few months ago, someone posted a screencap from 'The Three Caballeros', one of my favorite old Disney movies, which I hadn't seen for years. This got me thinking about it again; I re-watched it (and if anything, I like it more now than I did then), and afterwards, as is my habit, did a quick Google search on it.
Well, as it turns out, 'Three Caballeros' also has a foot in the door when it comes to comics. Not a big one - rather a small one, in fact - but a foot. And some of these comics are really quite good. So, having searched them out for my own enjoyment, I am going to share my obsession with you, and see if you agree.
So that being said, who ARE the Caballeros, and what makes them so memorable? Read on, MacDuff!

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