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4 pages from Legion Lost #0. Timber Wolf's secret origin.

My parents are DEEEAAAAA- oh, wait. )

Oh boy. A new cosmic threat and the return of Harvest? However will I stand the wai-zzzzzz
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Hi ho, 2 pages from Secret Six #33 here. You'll recall that when a preview page was posted showing Catman's reunion with his d-bag of a father in Hell, Papa Blake begged Tom to save him from a mysterious "she" who comes to torture him afresh every day. Betting on who the "she" is was pretty evenly split between Mama Blake and the lioness Papa Blake killed.

Well... )

In other news, I continue to desire a Catman plushie doll. :D
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Er, so it's technically past midnight, but whatever, I am not bound by time! I laugh in the face of time! Or...something. *shifty eyes*

For the theme of superhero deconstruction, I'm posting a few strips from Faith Erin Hicks' The Adventures of Superhero Girl. As Hicks explains here, she originally started it as a kind of commentary on girl superheroes and whatnot, and later on developed it as a weekly comic strip for Halifax newspaper The Coast.

So without further ado, here's Superhero Girl as she addresses some fundamental questions about superhero-y-ness.

Strips 7-10 under the cut )

It's a fun little comic and worth checking out. You can follow it by watching the The Adventures of Superhero Girl blog.


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