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Bleeding Cool posted those Perkins design for a pitch Liu did for a Black Widow, Mystique, Elektra, Cecilia Reyes and X-23 series (which, of course, will never see daylight).

Enjoy )
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Just so's everyone can see it. This is the costume we'll be seeing in the interiors and (IMO) it looks a lot less like stripey pajamas and is pretty neat. Also, various comments from Garbett about the costume:

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I'd been waffling over whether I wanted to post this just yet. I guess I'd had some idea where I'd Start a series on Renee when I was done with Vic, but I'd have so much to go through since I'd want to start at least with her part in Gotham Central if not earlier that by the time I got to her Tec back-up it'd be old hat.

Strike while the iron's hot, they say. Not only that, but I was looking at Cully Hamner's design sketches and there's no way I couldn't share them! There's too much good here.


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