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Letter columns were not all that widespread during Golden Age. Most of the publishers either didn't have them or had them very sporadically. Out of all the defunct publishers, Novelty Press is one of the few that had letter columns in most of the titles it published. Looking at them, one gets a very interesting perspective on what kind of people read comics during the Golden Age and what sorts of things they wanted in their comics. And so, I would like to post a small sample of the letter pages that I've come across during the course of my research.

This letter column is one of the earliest Novelty Press letters pages I found. It was originally published in Target Comics #2 (Volume 2), which was originally published

A reader gives his thoughts on the political subtext of one of the features and another offers insight into the title's international readership. )

The next letter column was published in Blue Bolt Comics #2 (Volume 2). It was released in July 1941.

Readers praise realistic heroes and complain about characters that are too fantastic )

The next letter column appeared in Target Comics #5 (Volume 2), which was published in October 1941. In the previous issue, the readers were asked whether of not Spacehawk should be canceled.

And the readers responded )

In the next letter column, we jump forward to November 1947. It appeared in Young King Cole #4 (Volume 3).

Here, we see some Golden Age shipping and a reader explains why he likes Toni Gayle so much )

And finally, we have a page from Guns Against Gangsters #1 (Volume 2), which was published in the fall of 1949.

The editor lectures readers about gun control and a female reader explains why Toni Gayle is such a great role model. )

Tune in next time as I delve into the days of the original scans_daily and repost the first appearance of the weirdest Golden Age patriotic hero of them all - Yankee Doodle Jones.
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While the crack of the Silver Age stories is legendary, one of my favorite things about reading 30- to 40-year-old comics is the ads, the PSAs and the letter columns. It's like a little time warp, and you can actually get a hint of the culture and attitudes of those days.

Here're three to start you off. )

Anyone else willing to share? I have more where this came from, of course.


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