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This MAY not be "Best of villains" material, and it been over a month since Harl's... less than enjoyable birthday story....but I thought it was worth showing what has everyone's crazy clown lady's life in the future without her precious puddin'...

2 pages and video of spoilers undercut. )
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I've been wanting to post this terrifying tale of a some people's heroic struggle against a demonic bear for a while...

But before that, here' some Bearmageddon!
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Apparently, Batmite is the reason by Brave and the Bold is getting cancel, not the CN's odd habit of canceling some of their newer shows after 3 seasons, or the the occasional fan favorite that is canned because no toys can be made for it... or if they change the name of the show like it was Coke... (cough)BEN10(cough)...

Let take a look at our favorite 5th-Diemsional fanboy last attempt to hijack a Batman show in his "New York Adventure" in Detective Comics #482.

2 pages & a video under the cut )
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Not sure how common this knowledge is, but I thought I'd share.

Starting with the bad news, just to get it out of the way: the premiere of season two has been delayed till some currently-undetermined time next year.

This is based on online reports about the Marvel Television panel at NYCC and some comments by creative staff Christopher Yost (story editor) and Josh Fine (supervising producer). Whether that means it'll start around the time as the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series like these sources (same person at different sites) have suggested – or if we’ll have to wait till around the time the live-action Avengers movie is released (if the two aren't around the same time anyway!) – is unknown at the moment.

But there's good news too!

We now have a much clearer idea of the guest stars and the storyline(s) that the new season will bring. Here’s a rundown of what we can expect, starting with generalities and moving on to specifics.

To start with, two videos that have been around for a while (so you may have seen them before) - interviews with Yost and Fine.

The first has the two of them speaking generally about some of season two's storylines )

And the second has them talking about talking about the second season’s new heroes - and the new looks for some of the older ones. )

And finally, here’s an official trailer for the second season and a link to a gallery of screen caps from said trailer )

Additionally, the first episode of the new season has now (apparently) been seen twice at panels at SDCC as well as the panel at NYCC, so now we have a clearer idea of what that is going to be about. Here's a general description (with links to more spoilery ones) and one picture (a series of screencaps put together, I think). )

So looking forward to this, even if it'll be only next year when I see it.

For legality, some pages (not all related) from the four-issue tie-in comic. )
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Greetings True Believers!

It's time for another round of dancing fan-cosplayer love!

This one is from DragonCon 2011 and it's the best one yet!

Can you name all the characters???

Try and Enjoy!

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Greetings True Believers!

This time it's from San Diego and the song choice is Lady GaGa.

Some great costumes, which one was your favorite?

Plus, one fan gets her own picture posted because her costume has to be seen to be believed!


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Greetings True Believers!

Here something fun for the evening.

A bunch of cosplayer lip-syncing to a Pink song at the London Comic-Con.

Name all the characters and enjoy!

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This is important. Watch the video (starting around the 34 minute mark), or read the synopsis.

No directly insulting any members of the DC staff either, I want this thread to stay put and not get locked and stuff.

In short, Dylan Horrocks is awesome, and Steph being Robin was just DC messing with us, apparently )


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