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You may wonder why this is being posted here (not because it's from the director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy') but wait and see...

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So a few days ago we got our official look at Joaquin Phoenix as 'Arthur Fleck' which received a lukewarm response given that it was him looking normal. Today they released a look what appears to be him in full Joker makeup (or the early stages at least).

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Okay... it has been awhile since I posted on here, so I am sorry if I am a little off with rules and regs here...

As many you know, there was a little show on the WB called Charmed, that really revolved around the lives of 3 adult sisters who inherited their grandma's house, discovering they are the Charmed Ones, destined witches who fight the forces of evil and protecting humanity from demons.

It last over 8 seasons and dealt with a lot of issues... those issues being mostly being production and lore building to the franchise, as the series went on with each season, they take weird or self-contradicting steps to the show...

It was originally done by season 7... only to make 8th season on fan-demanded... to which even the fans hated. So when THAT season ended... they made comic book version to cover "Season 9"... made by Zenscope in their early years... The power of 3 will set you... free? )


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