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In the late 90's, Alan Moore became the writer for Rob Liefeld's superhero team book Youngblood. As should come as no surprise, he drastically revamped the whole thing. This is the series outline Moore wrote up before starting on the book, in which he details his approach and plans for the title. It's a series bible of sorts, basically.

And for legality, there's three pages from Moore's time on the title itself, featuring a nifty take on superspeed.

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This is from an issue of Supreme, the Superman homage/pastiche comic published in the 90's. In the comic, both Supreme in his secret identity and the Lois Lane figure, Diane Duane, work at a comic book company. They're the artist and writer, respectively, on Omniman, a fictional hero who's ALSO a Superman pastiche. So Supreme's a Superman analog who, in his secret ID, writes about a different, fictional Superman analog. Got all that? Not as confusing as it might sound.

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As you might expect, it's a set-up that allows for plenty of meta-commentary in the stories. In issue 50, Supreme, in his Ethan Crane identity, has a long talk with Diana about his love life. The two discuss the pitfalls and perils of superhero relationships.


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