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31 Days of Scans - Family Moments: The Simpsons

A funny, bittersweet and touching story of shifting father-son / father-daughter dynamics.

'I'll always have plaster-of-Paris.' )

SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #6: Fallout Boy as Fall Out Boy!

The rock band Fall Out Boy named themselves after Fallout Boy from "The Simpsons." An issue of SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR does a little "recursive adaptation" or something with that.

Fallout 1.jpg

Interminable Crisis! )

THE SIMPSONS #76: Do the Bard, man!

THE SIMPSONS #76 was a look at the Simpsons doing some of Shakespeare's works. Itchy and Scratchy get "Titus Andronicus." Be warned: it is gory even for Itchy and Scratchy.

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A #1 for the new year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Imageshack has had a major redesign since the last time I signed in, so if anything goes wrong, please bear with me.

While the show itself may have become something of a zombie franchise, it's always fun to look at the Simpsons comic books. Here's the latest issue focusing on Lisa.

I'm posting three pages of ten from the lead story, "The Pyramids of Lisa" .

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Your thoughts and comments?
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A rather different sort of comic preview - Mylo Xyloto

Mylo Xyloto is aColdplay album that came out last year.

Coldplay are a popular British beat combo much admired by the bobbysocks and poodle skirt set (See, I'm hep, I'm happening! I'm down with the kids!)

It's also the name of their new six part comic book series (Currently available for pre-order on their website), but which will be released through comic shops too.

But when you're a band, your primary visual medium is the music video )
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Christmas with Krusty

For today's 12 days of Christmas challenge, I will post the infamous toys from the Krusty the Klown. The toys made by children to be played BY children (Warning: Children should not play or be near any Krust-Ko product.)

It's a Krust-A-Rifc Christmas! )

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Simpsons Comics #159: "Big Monty"

My first Dreamwidth post. Huzzah.

I've been sitting on this for a couple of months now. Presenting 9 out of 29 pages, wherein Lisa makes an unusual friend...

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MegaPost: Simpsons: the Best Radioactiveman Event Ever! part 1

The Simpsons comics have along history, and recently they been poking fun of anything comic book related, in terms of stories and fans. And they had a big story arc that was all about that in their 3 comic titles ( Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, and Simpsons Super Spectacular). And I am going to post some of their best jokes here. And I am staring off where the story starts in Simpsons Comics #155

Joke that Nerd Like You Can Undesrtand. )

Simpsons Comics #155

This month, the Simpsons comic universe experiences the first crossover to span all three Simpson titles since "When Bongos Collide!" Something big is in store for Radioactive Man, and as we all know, where Radioactive Man goes, comic parodies follow! Since this is a brand-new issue, I've adhered to the 4-page limit for recent comics.

Futurama, part 2 of 2

Here's the sequel to this post; scans from Futurama issues between #25 and #42. Image-heaviness warning again.

Futurama comics

I've been looking for some comic that's currently-running, funny, light-hearted, breaks the fourth wall occasionally and leaves me in a happy mood. Like, comics that have in-jokes for continuity people but don't require you to have bought and read everything ever printed. Something to the likes of Deadpool, JLI, Young Justice or Impulse. The last running and fun comics used to be Blue Beetle and Cable & Deadpool, and they got cancelled. But I think I finally found my fix of just plain fun comics: the Futurama comics.

And I also want to ask a little question. I'd wanna post some comics that were published in my country, but they haven't been translated into English, and I'd need to do that myself. So, are fan-translated scans still okay to post here?