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It only reads that way.

The first issue of it, of Mike Baron's modern take on his 1980s character, is straightforward.

It moves quickly through his joining the army and bonding with the dog he's assigned to train for the disposal of explosive ordinance, with every panel feeling like a change of scene.

Some of them feel jumpy, due to the tendency for consecutive ones to focus on the same characters.

It's not a bad effect, though, as shown in Norbert's capture after the death of his dog friend.

In the original, his captors were the Viet Cong; here, I think you can guess. )
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When last we left off Cobra had discovered the location of the lost Ark of the Autobots, and reprogrammed/brainwashed the Transformers aboard to serve them, after their initial attack a team is created to combat this new threat: G.I. Joe.

This issue is the calm before the storm.

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More than a couple of continuities've taught us that lesson, so let's see what happens when it's applied to Devil's Due's G.I Joe vs Transformers continuity.

For one thing, Megatron's body parts end up being analyzed by scientists. Again.  )
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From G.I. Joe vol. 2 #25 during the Devil's Due run. The moment most Joe fans have been waiting for: Cobra Commander versus Serpentor. Winner gets rule over Cobra.

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Greetings True Believers! I picked up Barack the Barbarian #1 today and it is amusing. It hit me right in the Conan-fanboy part of my brain. It's an entertaining tale with familiar faces in new and strangely true roles. So enjoy!

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