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So, someone recommended Digger a few days back. I'm glad they did, despite my ensuing lack of sleep. It's witty, cute, and has spectacular art.


It also has a character with what may be the most humiliating origin story ever. EVER. Thought I'd share that as an incentive for you to go read the comic.

Peter Parker's got nothing on this. (19 pages out of...over 700.) )
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Digger is only sort of a webcomic, in the sense that the entire series can be read online, and a new page is released every Tuesday and Thursday. But you can also buy paperback volumes of it.

Digger is a sentient wombat. Wombats, as Vernon sees them, are work-oriented, down-to-earth creatures with no use for magic or gods, as such things tend to complicate building secure tunnels. This doesn't protect Digger herself from becoming embroiled with the god Ganesh, a mad teenage priestess, an oracular slug, a baby demon, and a tribe of sentient hyenas. And more.

Digger herself is deeply charming. She's slow to anger, even befriending people who originally tried to eat her with no grudge held, but when something does make her mad, watch out. With no fuss or dramatics, she does her duty. When a magician is telling her what happened to his last apprentice, he asks, "If I gave you a box and told you that it must never be opened, what would you do?" She immediately starts talking about how to encase it in steel and concrete, not even thinking of the temptation members of less pragmatic species (like, you know, humans) feel at such a command.

The story has a great deal of humor, especially based on the bizarre magics and circumstances that intertwine, but it's also an epic adventure, and a fascinating twisty plot.

In sum, this is a really good comic, and all of you should go read it. It was nominated for an Eisner and you have hundreds of pages of it to enjoy. Under the cut is a scan from it for legality and tantalization.

And here is the link to the comic!


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