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"It was almost like a dry run for me. I had Frankenstein in mind and I wanted to do it. I had an idea what I wanted the drawings to look like; and 'The Muck Monster'—and a few other things I did for Warren—were the embryonic version of the penwork that finally showed up in Frankenstein." - Bernie Wrightson

Very sad to hear about the passing of Bernie Wrightson. In his memory, this was a story he wrote and illustrated for Eerie #68 that would serve as the groundswell for what would arguably be his magnum opus, the illustrated version of Frankenstein.

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Here's another story from Creepy to showcase Berni Wrightson's art in light of his retirement.

For those not familiar with the original story by Edgar Allan Poe, I'll preface this with a heavy warning for depictions of animal cruelty.

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Jan. 31st, 2017 09:40 am
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I posted this only a few months ago but in light of today's news with Berni Wrightson's health issues causing him to retire I figured I would share it again. 'Jenifer' is arguably one of Wrightson's most infamous horror works. It first appeared in Creepy #63. For those interested this was made into an episode of 'Masters of Horror' directed by Dario Argento. If I have the time and resources I may try to post further Wrightson comics in the future.

Warning for gore as well as a rape scene.

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This is a particularly notorious comic but it's hard to explain why without spoiling it. It was first published in Vampirella #58. Warning for nudity and gore.

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To celebrate Halloween this year, I've posted a bunch of my favorite Steve Ditko horror comics covers, all from his Charlton days. I never seem to remember that Ditko's birthday is a couple of days after Halloween (On Nov. 2nd, he turns 82).Well, I remembered this time, and although there isn't a terribly strong connection between both of these themes, it's more reason to post some Ditko. Additionally, one of his classic collaborations with Archie Goodwin, "Room With a View", is also included here. Just follow the cut for horror covers and comics at their finest.

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I haven't been following scans_daily much lately. Interest seems mostly on current super-hero comics, mostly Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and the Batman colony. But I thought some here might like a look at one of the odder strips of the past.

Warren's CREEPY and EERIE started out like gangbusters, black & white horror comics illustrated by hall of fame artists. Some CREEPY and EERIE stories were better than some EC (which had their share of duds, like anyone). But after Archie Goodwin left, Warren magazines ran to the edge of the quality cliff and jumped off. By the time 1984 was started (imitating HEAVY METAL, I suppose), things were dire. The magazine had lots of decent art, but the stories were gross-outs aiming at being offensive rather than provocative, crass rather than thought-provoking. There was almost nothing in 1984 (which changed to 1994 after the George Orwell estate had something to say) worth saving. But I did like REX HAVOC (AND THE ASS-KICKERS OF THE FANTASTIC).

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With the '1/3 fair use' rules being extended to short stories as well, I've decided to end my Warren posts. In my opinion, it would not work for the majority of the remaining stories--if you have a six page story, for example, only showing two pages would be hard, mainly because I would be recapping most of the story myself and the effect would be lost.

That being said, there are still some stories that I was really looking forward to sharing for quite some time that I was saving for the end, so I decided I would post excerpts from them anyway. Most of them are from Creepy, but there's an Eerie and Vampirella hiding around as well.

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Disclaimer: To the best of my memory, Warren magazines (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella) were in the 80 to 100 page range. So the minimum maximum (is that an oxymoron?) would be 26 pages, and none of the stories have gone past that length.


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