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Samantha Eve Wilkins AKA Atom Eve's the core female character in Robert Kirkman's Invincible series. When she was introduced, it was as a teen superhero from the same mold as Mark, who happened to be attending the same school as him. They soon became close and the pair have acted as support for one another since, with a will-they/won't-they chemistry being part of their ongoing relationship. Eve was genetically engineered to be a living weapon, but was unaware of this fact and developed a refreshingly practical outlook on superheroics and the best uses of her powers. Oh, and her love life.

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4 pages from Invincible #20 and 2 from Invincible #32 beneath the cut.

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While technically not comic book characters, these ladies have left a lasting impact in the generation that grew up with A: TLA. The show was rich universe to play around with in, with actual characters with motivations. These were not cookie cutter ladies, but true individuals with issues and personal drama, and they all in their own special way rose to the meet the challenges presented to them, as heroes or villains.

And they do get great moments in the filler comics between Seasons.

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Lizzie Hexam is one of three main characters in Mike Carey and Peter Gross's Vertigo-published series The Unwritten, which began in 2009.

She didn't start out as a main character - although she has definitely become one - but she was present in the series right from issue #1.

She is awesome because she's the catalyst for a great deal of the action that takes place in the first four issues. She asks thoughtful questions, is resourceful and enigmatic, saves the life of main-character-from-the-start Tom Taylor - the son of a writer (missing when the story starts) who wrote a popular series of novels centered around a boy wizard named Tommy Taylor - at least once, and is generally great. She's also a London-dwelling character from a Dickens novel.

- The post might be slightly NSFW due to some of the language in the scans.
- Also, I apologize for the quality of one of the scans which I made myself. I'll get a better-quality one up as soon as I can. For now I just hope that what's going on is clear enough to be understood.

Lizzie is someone who certainly knows how to make an entrance. )

Long story short: Lizzie is a fascinating character. She's important to the story of The Unwritten, and Mike Carey and Peter Gross are clearly willing to spend time and effort on her, which is awesome by itself. I can't wait to get the third trade in January March to pick up where I left off!

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Another post for Awesome New Female Characters Week - Introducing Spider-girl Araña, created by Fiona Avery.

Anya Corazon, is the half Mexican and half Puerto Rican 15 year old seconded by the super secret Spider Society (try saying that three times fast) to act as their agent in the fight against the evil Sisterhood of the Wasp. And despite this daft origin, she has risen above it to be awesome all over the place and shortly in her own (probably soon to be canceled) solo series.

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6 and a bit pages from Amazing Fantasy #6.

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My pick for Awesome New Female Character Week is Ramona Flowers, the mysterious delivery girl from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. Ramona travels through the subspace dimension to deliver packages and is never seen without her subspace suitcase (storage capacity: unknown). Both are put to good use when Ramona's Fourth Evil Ex, Roxie Richter, shows up and wants to cut Ramona's boyfriend's head off. A fight ensues! On rollerskates.

7 pages from the fourth volume, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together.

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Since it's Awesome New Females week I bring you a bit of Carmilla Black the Stinging Scorpion from her appearances in Captain Universe/X-23 and Avengers the Initiative.
Page count
Captain Universe/X-23 (2 pages)
Avengers The Initiative #24 (3 pages)

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From Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man, in which there are more than a few awesome female characters, there's Agent 355. Introduced as the bodyguard of Yorick, the last male left alive on the planet, she soon became one of the central characters of the series.

What else?

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At the request of Jazzypom, here's Kate Kildare's contribution to Awesome New Female Character Week. You might know her from her recent stint in Uncanny X-Men, where she was hired to represent the X-men (the Astonishing X-men shared a publicist with Captain America, but there's no news on what's happened to her.)

Kate came from The Order where she was introduced to the title in #2. )

But who is Kate Kildare? #5 goes into her backstory )

If you haven't already, go out and buy The Next Right Thing. I swear, it is the best Marvel team book published in the last five years. And I say that as a man who is reading Hickman's Fantastic Four.
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This was going to be my last post on awesome new female characters, but I'll be doing another order post as a favour to Jazzypom.

This one is dedicated to Tara Chace aka Tracy Carlisle of Greg Rucka's Queen and Country. You can buy the definitive editions for a decent price on Amazon and they're big meaty tomes, collecting up to a dozen issues in each one.

Queen and Country is about the bureaucracy of the international spy game, or "What would the Bond films be like if Moneypenny and M were the stars?"

Tara Chace is a Minder, working for Special Ops in the Secret Intelligence Services for Her Majesty's Government. Minders go out and do all of the dangerous, secret stuff, but also all of the mundane, drudgery of paperwork in a windowless office.

This first set is from Operation Blackwall (Queen and Country #15) )

Two ops down the line and we get to Operation Dandelion )

If you want to find out Mwama's story, either buy the definitive volume 2 or just watch it in Sandbaggers, a TV adaptation based on Queen and Country written by a former naval officer turned television writer from the future.
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Fan-Thing Thursday is getting an extra sprinkling of glitter this week to celebrate Awesome New Female Characters Week, as we invite all members to post fan works, especially those centered around women and particularly awesome female characters from the last decade!

Blingee is welcomed! (But not essential!)

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The usual Thursday rules apply:

Post your favorite fanart!
Post fanart, recs and links to your favorite artists, or just whatever you really like! The only requirement is you have to be able to credit the artist, and provide a link if available. If you can't source it, please don't post it. Everything else is free game, fans!
And make sure to keep NSFW art behind a link with a warning.
And of course, your own fanart is welcome, too!

But Fan-thing Thursday isn't just about fanart, post links to your fanfic or fanvids, or rec your favorites! It's all about fan-thing fun. Though a reminder that Dreamwidth doesn't support embedded videos, so you'll have to just post a link.

Want a place to showcase fanart you drew yourself? Stay tuned next week to our sister comm!
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More stuff for New Female Character week, coming from the pages of Invincible. She's a mainstay of the new Guardians of the Globe, though she's actually not in the Guarding the Globe series.

Her power-set is quite fun and I like her. There's also a good ongoing story with her relationship with Robot and his battle to stop her from de-aging.
From Invincible 25 )

I need to re-read my Invincible books.
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As New Female Characters week continues, I bring the best new superhero to hit NYC - Trouble. Buy her arc Dirty Tricks.

Also, if you will be triggered by 9-11 and women being punched in the face, don't look at this.

From Origin )

If you're coming to this late and wondering what all of the comments are about... I've edited this post to make it less offensive.


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