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Theme weeks

We love 'em, but we've neglected them recently. And that's a crying shame!

On the last requests post we had a decent thread going re: suggestions of which themes people would like to see being featured and even prior to that the mod comm's been talking about bringing these back. See any you like?

One Perfect Moment week
Angst week
Retcon week
Ape week
Robot week
Body-swap week
Time travel week
Dude in distress week
This is Why week
where posters explain exactly what it is about a certain character, title, artist that they like, dislike etc.
My First... theme would be a good way for posters to reminisce about their first comics reading experience. or the first issue of their favourite title, and could bring some new faces and books into the mix
Porn Week (a perennial, to the point that I'd suggest we concentrate on previously un-featured creators)

We've had some of these before (as well as others not listed; check through the tags), but some are brand new. Is there anything else you'd like to see as a week-long all-comers postfest?

Lurkers? Speak up! New members? Post!

Think about what you love, or what you've been meaning to share. Would that fit with any of these themes? Does it suggest a new theme to you?

In comments: VOTE. TALK. SUGGEST.

Let's hear it, Dailians.
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In many ways, Bissette's finest--and most "Bissette-ey"--sequence in the whole run.
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Halloween week.

This story isn't about Halloween,but it's one of the spooky stories I read when I was little.I have always felt the SG as a goul worked better than how he is done today. I scanned it out of Wanted #34,but I believe it originally cam from All American comics #61.

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I looked through the tags, and I noticed (at least) three different variants of the "Horror week" tag, either classifying it as "theme", an "event" or a "series". Which one is the proper one?

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Another pivotal scene from this manga take on Frankenstein - his first meeting with the monster since its creation in part one. Then we hear straight from the monster's mouth, how he didn't really become a monster until years after Frankenstein left.

I realise this is a lot of scans, but it's a long work so it's not even close to a rule breach, I don't think.

Spoiler alert if you've been following along the story at its natural pace.

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as imagined by Junji Ito, of Gyo and Uzumaki fame. Renowned for being one of Japan's most unsettling horror manga artists, his take is suprisingly straightforward but solidly decent.

Here, for horror week, is the birth of Frankenstein's monster.

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My contribution to horror week. Nice juicy scans of five of the illustrations Berni Wrightson did for FRANKENSTEIN.
Along with "the Black Cat," this is the apex of his career, for me.
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The Gatesville Company was a horror anthology comic, published a few years back. It lasted two issues (as far as I know).

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Completely unrelated request! Anyone have scans of an old Superman Annual, the one that takes place in the far future where there's a team where each individual has one of Superman's powers? It might have been the Elseworlds Annuals, or maybe Legends of the Dead Earth.

BONUS: Here's some (nicely wallpaper-sized) loading screen art from the canceled Flash video game. There's also some nifty storyboards on the same site.
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And the New Teen Titans run continues...

Ever locked yourself out? If yes, were you lucky enough to have some clothes on? No?
Then maybe it comforts you that this also happens to superheroes. In this case, Dick is the poor victim of a sinister door that suddenly closes behind him...

Aaw. If this was a classic Roman Elegy, the door would now start talking to Dick and probably make demands for letting him in while totally checking him out. Which would be smart.

Actually I wanted to post only this image because it can easily stand for itself, but since we have horror week and New Teen Titans v2 #12 (1985) also offers a nice ghost story besides the almost naked Dick standing in the hallway... why not combining our NTT run with the theme?


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