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Okay guys! Here's my last Super Steph post! *sniff* It's been fun, and thanks a lot for the nice stuff said, and thanks you gave me. I'm also very happy to hear this (and/or my posts on the old s_d) turned some of you into Steph fans.

Any one who'd like to visit, I have a Steph Wiki. It's very thorough, with scans, art, interviews, news, issue summaries and profiles on Steph and her various allies and enemies. I'm proud of it, in a geeky fannish way. Though it's mostly me, I've had help from k9feline, scottyquick, stephsvoice and most recently, LevralMrX who is a Spoiler fan from France! Steph fans are taking over the world, people! Anyway, he sent me these Steph backup scans, which used to be on the most excellent site Even Robins (devoted to Jason, Steph and animated Tim) but the site appears to be deceased. :(

They're early Steph stories from Showcase and Batman Chronicles. Also, Steph beating up her baby daddy, getting comforted by Tim, and running off some gangsters but also getting knocked on her ass. It's hard to be a trainee vigilante.

Robin #80, Robin #107, Robin #40, Huntress/Spoiler, Batman Chronicles #22 and Showcase '95 #5.

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Stephanie was killed. And forgotten. And all of that.

But, thanks to fan uproar, and Chuck Dixon, she eventually returned.

And thus, Steph defeated the two greatest foes any comic character ever had: Editorial death sentence, and Women in Refrigerators.

Truly, she is a heroine for the ages.

Kidding aside, I was lucky enough to be the one who chronicled Steph's return  on OSD. I recall many people telling me she wasn't going to come back, that DC was just screwing with us, that they couldn't wait until it was revealed to not really be her, so they could enjoy the Spoiler fans tears.

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We have now entered Jon Lewis's run!

HERE IS A SECRET. The first Robin comic I ever got was #102. That's how I was introduced to Steph. That's where I first thought "Hey, she's cool".

Then I of course, proceeded to collect Robin comics like a madperson and became obsessed with Steph, but you probably guessed that.

So I have an affection for Lewis's run. His plots may have been....really out there, especially for a Robin comic, which should be more focused on street level Gotham-y crime, but I absolutely adore his characterization. Focusing on Steph, he wrote her as a smart, strong young woman. He wrote a Steph who had matured and learned from her experiences, without sacrificing the spunk and spark that made her so endearing. He had her develop and grow. And as for Tim and Steph's relationship, he dispensed with Dixon's method of creating conflict by having one or both of them act like jerks. He wrote a (relatively) healthy relationship between two kids who obviously really cared about each other, and had the conflict come in and organic and natural way, maintaining the interest without making the characters look like asses.

So, complain to me about the sci-fi plots all ya want, but it's his adorably geeky Tim and smart, spunky Steph that win me over.

Now, onto his first arc (the first few pages are actually Dixon, he and Lewis split writing duties on Robin 100) which is 100-105.

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Last post Steph had to deal with a lot of stuff. Now we cover Batgirl #38 and the rest of Steph's appearances in Jon Lewis's run. Post Riddler beatdown, Lewis had Steph take a break from being Spoiler, so we only see her as Stephanie Brown for the rest of his run. I imagine (and I'm jumping to conclusions here like a hurdler whoa) plans for Steph's death were already in the works at this point (they make have been in the works since that Gotham Knights issue where Bats fired her, considering how incredibly forced and non-sense making that was) and Lewis was retiring her in hopes of being able to spare her until it all blew over. No such luck, as soon as Lewis left, Willingham had her back in costume with no explanation, because her death was in the editorially mandated cards. It just seems a likely explanation to me.

But we will not dwell on that. On to the Steph goodness.

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So we enter the era of Robin!Steph! I have mixed feelings about this era. Steph was Robin because she was going to die. Therefore, she was set up to fail. And die. The story of her Robinness was ridiculously contrived and OOC because Willingham can't write any DC characters worth a damn, IMO. BUT, it was also fun. Steph as Robin was good fit, we got a good Detective Comics and "Batgirl and Robin" story out of it.

Then she died. And didn't get a memorial. And the fans protested. And we got her back.

If Stephanie hadn't become Robin, fans wouldn't have noticed how stupid and misogynist and cheapdrama!!!111 her death was, and how badly she was treated as much. And we probably wouldn't have gotten her back as soon as we did. And a lot of fans discovered her because of her becoming Robin, and her death, including me.

So all in all, I'm glad Steph was Robin. Let's look over the six stories where she got to be wonderfully Robin-y, shall we?

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In my last post, someone anonymous told me I should post War Games and the Ghost!Steph stuff. Now, I would not post 99% of War Games unless you put a gun to my head, not to mention I only own two War Games-y issues- Batgirl #56 and Robin #130. Robin #130 was purchased for me by my Dad, on the basis it was an issue of Robin, and I have it stuffed somewhere in the comics box without a bag to protect it. War Games is the antithesis of why I'm doing these posts- to show Steph being cool and Steph-ish. War Games shows Steph flailing, crying, acting like an idiot, and being tortured gratuitously, all because the editorial at the time hated her/thought she was disposable. Most likely hated her, since there's a fine line between disposing of a character and making sure they die horribly, and as a fuck-up.

But, there is a point- the ghost stuff was pretty good. Cassandra was the only character who seemed to really grieve for Steph, or rather, Anderson Gabrych was the only writer who respected the character of Steph enough to acknowledge her existance and importance to those she left behind. So, we're going to post a tiny portion of War Games, five pages where Cass sees Steph for the last time pre...what happened. As well as some other relevant scans. Then, we're going to explore Steph as a spirit and the reaction Cass had to Steph's "death." Because it's good, moving stuff. Warning, though, it's pretty sad too.

Batgirl #54, #55, #56, #58, #61, #62, #72 and #73

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I love Steph. I love Cass. And their friendship is my favorite one in comics. They're just very different- Cass is quiet, Steph can't shut up, Cass is super super good at martial arts, Steph is always messing up, Steph clowns around, Cass is serious- and yet the same- they're both very determined, good hearted people, they both have daddy issues, they both don't quite fit in....and they benefit from each other. Steph benefits from Cass's knowledge and training, and Steph teaches Cass about interacting with people, and being a teenage girl. Also, Steph is the only one probably, who wasn't ever afraid or in some way intimidated by Cass's traumatic past. She was able to LAUGH with Cass about it. The two are just so perfect and awesome together.

So lets see them being awesome, shall we? (Batgirl #20, 21, 26, 27 and 28, as well as Last Laugh #3)

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Now to do an overview of Stephanie's time with the BoP ( I was going to couple it with Cass, but decided to post that seperately...it got too long.)

Steph as a member of the BoP was rife with potential ( and bluefall has an awesome fic centering around the ideal in progress). But it was sadly cut short as soon as Dixon left the book. Gail sort of used Charlie as a Steph substitute (heck, she went out of the way to have Babs compare Charlie to Steph) so we see a little of how nifty it could have been. I mean, Steph and Dinah share a similar attitude, they're both postive, snarky independent women to think on their feet. And they are both made of awesome, of course.

Meanwhile, Babs sees a lot of her younger Steph (self starter, doesn't care what Batman thinks, ridiculously determined, insinuating herself into what's mainly a "boys club", fun loving, has the hots for a Robin) and it clearly makes her VERY uncomfortable, which is most effectively demonstrated in Joker's Last Laugh when Babs basically flips out at Steph and is like "You take things more seriously, or you will die". (Babs is psychic)

And if Steph had more interaction with Huntress- well, two black sheep with criminal families and disdain towards the "no kill" rule- the paralells are gold, and that Cataclysm thing only brushed the surface of that potential.

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Robin #80, #84, #87, #92, #93, #94, #98 and #99! With 2 never before seen scans! The era of Stephness we enter now is post No Man's land Robin. The situation is thus- Steph's mom found her Spoiler costume and forbade her from vigilante activities. Steph, naturally didn't listen. Tim has been moved to a private boarding school called Brentwood by his father thanks to his constant disappearing acts, making it harder to do the Robin thing and spend time with Steph. It's also growing harder for him to keep his identity from her.

We also have Pete Woods on art, and he is awesome. He draws my favorite Tim and Steph. I love especially how he gives Steph a believable body type for an athletic teen girl- fit and pretty, but no huge knockers or sexay!ness or any of that. And his Tim is so adorable and fun.

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Now for the Robin 80 page giant! It's a very Steph-centric little tale, and in it we see her first meeting and team up with Black Canary (and Wildcat) Lots of nice moments, but bleh art, and an important milestone for Steph and Tim.

Basically, this takes place when Tim's stepmom, Dana and Dad, Jack are getting ready to get married.

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I return with some early, old school Steph! Including her first appearance in Robin (#4, #5, #6) and her second one (#16) and third! (#25, #26, involves a team up with Connor Hawke).

These actually have ALL NEW SCANS for #4, #5, and #26 to make the story flow better with the cuts I had to make. Anyway, these are good times

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Hey al! It's the return of the Super Steph Upload Series. When I first joined s_d, after inundating with (very poor) TTG scans, I inundated it with Steph scans. Those were good times, there was lots of Steph discussion, and I even got a few people to check out stuff with her in it and like her! (Or so I was told!)

Anyway, a total of two people responded yes to my question of if I should repost it, but I'll give it a shot anyway. This time, it will all be in chronilogical order, and I'll include some scans from other stuff besides Robin, to get the site's archive goin' good.

We start with Steph's first appearance


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