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Theme weeks

We love 'em, but we've neglected them recently. And that's a crying shame!

On the last requests post we had a decent thread going re: suggestions of which themes people would like to see being featured and even prior to that the mod comm's been talking about bringing these back. See any you like?

One Perfect Moment week
Angst week
Retcon week
Ape week
Robot week
Body-swap week
Time travel week
Dude in distress week
This is Why week
where posters explain exactly what it is about a certain character, title, artist that they like, dislike etc.
My First... theme would be a good way for posters to reminisce about their first comics reading experience. or the first issue of their favourite title, and could bring some new faces and books into the mix
Porn Week (a perennial, to the point that I'd suggest we concentrate on previously un-featured creators)

We've had some of these before (as well as others not listed; check through the tags), but some are brand new. Is there anything else you'd like to see as a week-long all-comers postfest?

Lurkers? Speak up! New members? Post!

Think about what you love, or what you've been meaning to share. Would that fit with any of these themes? Does it suggest a new theme to you?

In comments: VOTE. TALK. SUGGEST.

Let's hear it, Dailians.
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Greetings True Believers! I think the WEEK OF DOOM was a success! Doom thought our meager efforts were....adequate. Soon the all the world will blossom under the guiding hand of Victor Von Doom. Soon we will all know the tranquility of Pax Doom.

In honor of that coming peace, I leave you with a single page from the recent mini-series Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil. It's one of the funniest recap pages I've seen in a while. Enjoy!

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One more Doom 2099 post to go after this. Then no more WEEK OF DOOM. But I'm ending it on a high note. The lead-up story to Doom 2099 #25. Doom is looking for clues to his missing time and finds a big piece. However, he runs into an old foe, Tiger Wylde.

From Doom 2099 #22-24. 16 Scans total. Dial-Uppers BEWARE!

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We've seen the good Doctor in various forms. We've seen him as a lover, villain, noble, Nazi, bad ass, and fighter. But what about Doctor Doom: Singer?

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Probably my favorite issue of John Francis Moore's Doom 2099 run. Just a done and one issue where Doom take's on the mystical creature, Necrotek, and has to use his greatest weapon of all, his mind, to beat him. From Doom 2099 #13.

Brought to you by the fine folks from the 90s.

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There's been too much Valeria/Doom talk. Yeah we know Doom is fixated on her and did some nasty things to her as shown. However, what about the other gal who Doom hearts also, Morgana Le Fay? And yes I ripped off Spidey Loves MJ for naming this entry. It fits the two so fittingly.

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Greetings True Believers! Here is another post in the honor of the Lion of Latveria! These scans are from Doom 2099 #30. Doom has conquered America and has called the heads of the Megacorps (the true powers that be in the future) to him. He will inform them that they live in a different world now.

Click to get a taste of Doom's new national policy. Enjoy!

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Nothing seems to terrify Victor Von Doom, lord of Latveria. Not even some leviathan like see monster of out of a bad Lovercraftian

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Greetings True Believers! I bring you another WEEK OF DOOM post! These scans are the Doom tidbits from Onslaught GN #6 "Pyrrhic Victory" Doctor Doom has a several small but important roles. Just remember these simple rules during any Marvel Cross-over Crisis.

1. Doom knows how to make an entrance.

2. Doom has a plan.

3. Despite Richards' reluctance to admit it, sometimes Doom has to save those heroic fools.

4. Always keep one eye on Doom.

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Continuing the WEEK OF DOOM, a look into Doom 2099 special meeting with... Well click to find out. From Doom 2099 #5-6.

Brought to you by the 90s.

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Now that Doom has been plucked from and sent back to Hell, we find out how Doom spends his time while suffering eternal damnation.
Doom, as always, remains Doom.

3 pics from Fantastic Four #537

Warning: big pics

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I present to you a story from Thor Annual 1999 (ok really THE story since it was the only one). Doom taking on the thunder god, Thor. This story also explains what happened with Thor between Heroes Return and his reappearance during the start of Busiek/Perez's Avengers run. All of this is written and drawn by Dan Jurgens.

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Greetings True Believers! I bring another WEEK OF DOOM offering. These scans are from Doom 2099 #31. The continuation of Doom's execution of Avatarr, who reveals that he is not what he seems to be.....

It's hard out there for President Doom.

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