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A Night of Thousand of Dreams is a retelling of the Arabians Night. (NOTE: This a manwha, not a manga. The reading is the same of western comics.)

Some time ago, the Sultan Shariar was cheated by his wife and went full "to execute wives just after the wedding night" (how we'll see, the real reason was a childhood trauma awakened by the adultery). To save her sister's life, the scholar Sehara faked to be her to infiltrate to Sultan palace. Thanks his stories, he is in able to save himself becoming the court poet.

The Night Story 5 is "Socrates in love".

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Japan, as one might expect, has its own set of traditions revolving around holidays. Valentine's Day, for instance, has been imported from the West, but the rituals around it have grown very specific. Only girls give gifts on Valentine's Day, and that gift is almost never anything but chocolate. They give simple store-bought 'obligation' chocolates to any boy they'd consider a friend, and those aren't considered to mean much at all. But for that special someone, they're supposed to go to more effort -- buying fancy, expensive chocolates, or for the ultimate touch, making something at home from scratch.

Boys are expected to return the favor exactly one month later. March 14 is a holiday known as 'White Day,' when boys give white chocolate to any girl who gave them chocolate on Valentine's, and maybe fully begin a relationship with one. (You will be unsurprised to learn that White Day was invented entirely by the Japanese candy industry.)

Nowadays, though, there's a growing awareness of people who don't fit the mold -- especially in anime and manga. What do non-straight couples do on Valentine's Day? Some authors have answered that question, sometimes even drawing on their own personal experience...

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From Spirou: Alerte aux Zorkons (and a little follow-up in La face cachée du Z)

Warning: This post contains lots of bad grammar. The character's broken French is done on purpose, an editorial choice you can contest; the possible English mistakes in my description come from my being ESL. Please bear with it?

Lots of Spirou readers were so sorely disappointed with Aux sources du Z they ditched the series entirely. I won’t blame them. I almost did so myself. Fast forward a couple of years, I gave the new title a second chance and I was rewarded with…

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They’re cute, they’re geeky and they’re together. ♥
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(A total of 17 pages are used, 4 from issue 1, 3 from issue 2, 6 from issue 3, and 4 from issue 4. For about 1/5th the total pages)

So a while back I found out about the comic Deathwish, part of the Milestone imprint for DC comics headed up by the late Dwayne McDuffie... the point of the imprint was to give a voice to people to tell their own experiences, particularly minority writers. As such it birthed many great PoC characters created by writers of the same background; it also gave birth to one of the only transgender Lesbian characters I know of Marissa Rahm.

The comic was created by Maddie Blaustein (credited here under her assigned name Adam Blaustein), an intersex woman who transitioned socially from male to female and championed Transgender rights. She is more well known for her voice work then her comics (I only found out about her comics from one that made a review on Atop the Fourth Wall which is how I managed to look up Deathwish), where she voiced many male and female characters notably Meowth for a good chunk of the Pokemon dub before her death. Blaustein`s writing is accompanied by early art of the amazing JH Williams III.

The story of Deathwish focuses on on Marissa a police officer who is investigating a series of serial killings of Trans women and drag queens in the city of Dakota, where the victims are made to pose in "artistic poses". Over the course of her investigation she transitioned socially, and fell in love with the only known survivor of one of the killer's, Boots', attacks. Also involved is Deathwish a vigilante who is basically Punisher: SVU, it is now four years later and things are quickly reaching their climax.

I`ve only included the pages that deal with Marissa and Dini`s relationship specifically but there`s huge spoilers involved for the story. As a note if you want to track this one down be aware that it is quite graphic and may be triggery.

Trigger warning for misogynistic slurs, Holocaust references, and cis-sexism (on the part of characters not on the part of the writer) )
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If you aren't reading Gunnerkrigg Court, you're missing out on a gem of a webcomic. If you are reading it, then you know that there's been some recent romantic developments with one of the mains...

But! Instead of getting into that, let's go back to a secondary relationship that began in the very first issue...

I do like things that aren't robots, but you wouldn't know it from here... )

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Title: Astonishing X-Men
Creators: Marjorie Liu (story), Mike PErkins (art), Gabriel Hernandez Walta (art)
Posting: Four pages from AXM #49, two pages from #59, one page from #56
Availability: In the Northstar (currently on sale, btw) and Weaponized trades, and digitally.

So there's a lot I like about the Jean-Paul Beaubier/Kyle Jinadu relationship (most of it covered here).

There's quite a bit I dislike about it, the latest being the bitter hilarity of Marvel having waited about twenty years to do anything with Northstar's lovelife, and then by the time they finally decided the waters of public opinion were tepid enough to do their gay marriage/DOMA storyline, they wound up spending over a year building to a story that's currently on the cutting edge of obsolescence.

I've got to admit, though, I do love how sweet these two can be together. make me feel like there's nothing wrong with me. )
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We're bringing back the month theme this month, going through your suggestions from the last time we had a poll on the topic ;)

And this time it's:

Canon Gay Couples

Tell us all about your favourite canonically queer romance in comics.

Don't forget to tag you posts with the "theme:canon gay couple" tag.

Have fun :3


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