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While Marvel is boasting about their All-New Marvel Now Redux Ultimate Edition this Fall, DC on the other hand decides to announce another comic...

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Following on from yesterday, I bring you some more Witchblade (issues 63 and 64), feat. Magdalena. Whose name, in this incarnation (legacy heroine), is Patience.

This post also includes one of my favourite comics panels ever, drawn by Francis Manapul. WHY was he the first peciller whose name I knew? LEARN! SEE! WONDER!


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Way back when I put up the last requests post (the next one is COMING SOON), I promised some of Francis Manapul's run on Witchblade to somebody. I forget who. I am sorry.

I just managed to get those scans done. The quality is weird and I don't know why. Better late and dodgy than never??

One thing I didn't notice at the time but find wanting in hindsight, is that whilst I was reading Witchblade in.. 2002-2003?.. and in the live-action television show as well, Sara doesnt really have that much in the way of female support characters. Her flake sister shows up sometimes, and there was that daughter of her dead best friend, and every now and then Lara Croft would drop by.. but the day to day, comic to comic stuff was pretty dudefilled.

So it was always nice when another lady did come and visit - such as here. I picked these scans in particular because it's also always neat to see some evidence of in-world "rules" when you're dealing with supernatural jiggery pokery.


I'm not that fond of the way Top Cow chose to advertise it, but maybe you are.

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Blackruzsa wanted to see some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic, so here IS some WItchblade/Tomb Raider crossover comic.

It's not that good, but it exists.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you're not feeling much like looking at ladies drawn.. well drawn by Michael Turner, OK? Every breast a shining almost-sphere, every leg a stilt, every lip a glossy marshmallow. Everything straining and presented. If you don't feel like that, click past this post, yeah?

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Hopefully, this won't have been posted between the time I started and the time this uploads. Cover and four pages from this week's JLA/99 #1.

For those of you who haven't been around for previous discussions, "The Ninety-Nine" is a concept created by Naif al-Mutawa, in an effort to let kids from Muslim-majority countries have superhero comics they could read with at least some cultural approval. Each of the teenagers in the 99 gets their powers from bonding with a "Noor stone" which contains a fragment of the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Middle East. Their code names come from the 99 names of Allah, minus the bit that makes them a god's name. As part of the themes of the series, while individual members are fairly powerful on their own, they are much more powerful if they link up in threes or more to combine their abilities.

Wonder Woman's costume seems to be the "alternate universe" one solely to allow this comic to be reprinted in countries where her swimsuit outfit would be too controversial; the JLA depicted seems to be one we've never seen together before.

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Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags

char: Superman/Clark Kent
char: Wonder Woman/Diana of Themiscrya
creator: Drew Geraci
creator: Fabian Nicieza
creator: Stuart Moore
creator: Tom Derenick
group: Justice League of America
group: The Ninety Nine
publisher: DC Comics
publisher: Teshkeel
theme: crossovers
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And here's my favorite part. Scans courtesy of weaverandom from livejournal!

So Prudence, the League of Assassins chick, sticks a gun in Steph's face and is all "I was sent to kill Stephanie Brown.
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But the point here? Tim. Steph. Love. Me. Squee. Happiest person ever. I love it.

tags: char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, title: red robin, creator: chris yost, creator: marcus to

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I loved this issue and loved the issue of Red Robin. I'm not sure which one I liked better. Maybe Batgirl! So hard to choose, they were both pretty awesome.

Two spoilery pages from Batgirl! Spoilers!
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Two pages from Red Robin #10. )

Suggested tags: char: robin/red robin/tim drake,title: red robin, creator: christopher yost, creator: marcus to, creator: ray mccarthy, publisher: dc comics

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(This post was originally published at Scans Daily 1.0 on December 19, 2005. This entry has been crossposted to my Dreamwidth account.)
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A Martial Arts Week special!

O'Neil: Vic the Seeker (pt 4)
The Great Fables Crossover! (sorry Vertigo fans, not that one)

In 1988, Denny O'Neil set off to tell a great martial arts epic, and close the book on the O-Sensei, the old master introduced in Kung-Fu Fighter, responsible for teaching Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. While I prolly should've held this one off until after I'd posted the arc from Question v1 16-18, where Vic and Ollie first met, well, who's fault was it starting Martial Arts Week now?
But though this crossover takes place in titles starring Batman, Green Arrow and The Question,
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All of you probably recognize Warren's EMPOWERED---in the latest "chapter" of the webcomic THE CROSSOVERLORD, we pay homage to one of the most famous comic covers at all--- while cameoing a zillion webcomic superhero-oriented characters, and several non-webcomic superheroic charactes to boot! The crib sheet will be out later tomorrow---but we invite you to see how many characters you can identify. All of these were used with the permission of the creators. Check it out at

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Prepare to have your minds blown away by sheer awesome. Truly this is the crossover that will affect all of our worlds and leave nothing unchanged!

Note I'm not sure how to tag this since I'm not familiar with some of the characters or what comics they are from. So I'm going to do my best and hope the tag wrangles don't forsake me.
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After yet another JLA/JSA team up/time travel story everyone is left to wonder what really happened...


Yikes, imagine being trapped in Limbo with Owlman ?????

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