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Welcome, s_d, to the tale of a sweet, modest little romance that bloomed in the background of the Big Universe Saving plots of the 1980s Legion of Super-Heroes. It's the story of a new-agey crystal girl and her mineral balance.

Blok and the White Witch.

We all change. That's what gives us life. )

So now they're both on inactive status. But maybe someday they'll rejoin the Legion, and be cute and lighthearted again. Hope springs eternal, right?
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Greetings, Mortals! Chocochuy reporting for duty...after a long absence!

Today I would like to take the chance to provide you with a double treat : A contribution to the Cute Romance Week as well as providing a brief review of the newest Ghost Rider film which I had a chance to see some hours ago. Now sit back and enjoy the show!

Vengeance and Love )
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Since Juston's recently popped up as a background character in Avengers Academy I'd been meaning of post some scans from the two Sentinel series. Anyway in honor of Cute Romance week here's some Juston/Jessie moments from the first two issues. These two never quite became an official couple but... that never stopped them from being cute as a button.

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One of the many reasons Haruka Tenou is such an awesome character is that she not only confuses people about her gender, she even makes girls question their sexuality! Even in the name of the moon...

Reload Image

And of course...this post wouldn't be complete without throwing Michiru into the mix... )

On that note...

MOD NOTE! Everyone who has made a "Cute Romance Week" post, please tag your entries with Theme: Cute Romance Week! Thanks!!!
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This story got brought up in the comments to my "A Date With Batgirl" post: Batman tries to help his bro Superman hook-up, with disappointing results.
"Wild Week-End in Washington", Superman #268, 1973 (4 pages from a 14-page story).
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Yes, believe it or not I do have something to add to "Cute Romance Week"... and not a rope, shackle, or piece of duct tape in sight... honest! :)

These two instances both refer to Jason 1.0, the circus performer, not the street-punk revamp.

This first one is from 1983's "New Teen Titans #33"

Jay meets someone for the first time )

And from Detective Comics 561 in 1986 comes a 15-page story from Doug Moench and Gene Colan which has been messy to cut down because it covers two interesting plot strands in one story and I'd love to showcase both; Bruce and Jason discuss drug use, and Jason gets a girlfriend. I veer more towards the latter than the former given the theme, but I thought it worth mentioning the other too...

And then there was Rena... )

Oh, and some last minute theme approriate Valentine cards perhaps? )
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A bit of fun from the era when Babs was a congresswoman in Washington, DC.
(Detective Comics #483, 1979. 4 pages from a 12-page story.)
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"I knew all about men... because I'd studied every textbook and thesis on the subject! But one day a rebellious student trapped me wit a real, live man...and nothing in those textbooks could show me how to keep from falling in love with the perfect example of the undesirable male!"

Undesirable Male! )Here some links for when my Photobucket is down.

"Undesirable male" - 01 // 02 // 03  //04 // 05 //06  // 07 and the Short - He's My Boss!

Here is the first story from #1, " Campus Loves's "Love's Victory." And if you are still in the mood for 1950s romance (and delicious Matt Baker art), check out  Pictorial Romances #17 (and #9)

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When it comes to cute romances, I can't help but think of Love and Capes, a web series by Thom Zahler. The series is basically Lois and Clark starring in a romantic comedy and focuses primarily on their relationship.

Six pages from a webcomic. )

EDIT: I just found out through Thom's Facebook page that he's released a Love and Capes Valentines story on The Mary Sue it's a PDF downloadable at the bottom of the interview.
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As [personal profile] mistygeek has presciently posted, and because YOU DEMANDED IT, this week iiiiiiiis:

logo maker -

doctor ratings

Myspace Glitter Graphics -

free photo rating

Glitter Text -

free photo rating

Get postin', because it's snowy here and I need you to melt England's cold cold heart.

(And if you don't have anything to post or HATE ROMANCE, get over to noscans and answer my informal poll! Cheers~)


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