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Hi, Everyone!

A while back, a site called Jmanga ( ) was created to host legal scanned translations of manga. It's a pretty good site, with the caveat that a) you have to pay to get more than a tiny taste, and b) it's mostly obscure titles, not the hot ones, because that's what they can get the licensing for.

So in the interest of plugging the site, I though I'd show you a bit of one of the series I've been following, Anesthesiologist Hana.

It's in a rarely seen in the States subgenre, the edutainment manga. Hana is a semi-realistic look at the work done by anesthesiologists, with a storyline attached. Today we'll have 8 pages of 25 of Chapter 1, "Anesthesiologists".

For this I went to medical school? )
If you're a fan of medical dramas or have always wondered what it would be like to work as an anesthesiologist, this manga might suit you. I do have to caution that there's excessive fanservice, and Hana is awfully undertrained for someone who isn't even an intern anymore.

Also, I have an interview with one of the translators up at my blog, so please stop on by!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Tonight's offering is "Dr. Kildare" #2 (July-Sept 1962).

Dr. Kildare started as a series of films in the late 1930s-early '40s, with writer Max Brand (you may know him better for his Westerns), who also wrote a paperback novelization of at least one of the movies, "Young Dr. Kildare." Jimmy Kildare was a young, idealistic interne who came from a small town background to the big city hospital to study as a diagnostician under the famed Dr. Gillespie. About halfway through the series, the star left, and the remaining films were refocused around Dr. Gillespie and new internes. One of those was played by Keye Luke, which might be relevant in light of this issue's story.

In 1961, the property was turned into a TV series starring Richard Chamberlain as the title character. The handsome young actor skyrocketed to stardom (kind of like George Clooney with ER, for you younger folks.) At the beginning of the series, wise Dr. Gillespie warned Jimmy Kildare "doctors save people's lives; we don't tell them how to live them", but of course Dr. Kildare got personally involved time and time again.

Note that Dr. Kildare's comic book costs three cents more than Ben Casey's. )

Remember what I said last time about Dell comics being outside the Comics Code, due to their wholesome rep? Well, this allowed them to do some stories that wouldn't have flown over at DC or Marvel for another ten years, when those companies caught the social relevance bug. 10 2/3rds pages of 32.

Skin Deep )

Your thoughts, medical nit-picks, and comments?

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Whilst I was visiting my folks in upstate Minnesota this holiday season, we visited a thrift store, where I stumbled across a couple of doctor comics from the early 1960s. Naturally, I thought of you folks.

The first up is "Ben Casey" #2, the October 1962 issue. The "Ben Casey" show ran from 1961 through 1966, produced by Bing Crosby Productions and airing on ABC. The title character, an intense and idealistic young neurosurgeon, was portrayed by Vincent Edwards. His wise mentor was Dr. David Zorba, played by Sam Jaffe. Each episode opened with Dr. Zorba intoning the words up there in my post title, while a hand wrote the symbol for each on a chalkboard.

This cover looks back at you. )

And now, our feature presentation, 8 1/3 pages of 25:
Bite the Hand.. )

And now a short feature, 1 1/3 pages of four.

Dial Emergency... )

And to round off this post, a vintage ad.

Here for the painful wordplay )

Next time, Dr. Kildare!

Your thoughts, comments, medical nitpicks?

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publisher: Dell Publishing
theme: doctors and nurses
title: Ben Casey


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