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Growing up in rural Minnesota in the 1960s, and not being one bit athletic, my entertainment options So I learned to love reading old books and magazines, whatever comic books happened to be at a garage sale, and when our already ancient TV was actually working, whatever station the reception could bring in.

I don't really remember most of the early morning cartoons of the time--stuff like Johnny Quest was by far the exception to the general dismalness of children's TV animation. But I remember being blown away by the few episodes I managed to catch of a very unusual show.

It had a girl (dressed as a boy) as the hero! Heck, it had a girl dressing as a boy. And people died! Things being what they were, I never saw more than a handful of episodes, and nothing of the ending (but then most US cartoon series of the time didn't have endings as such either.)

It was not until many years later when I joined anime fandom that I discovered the true nature of what I had been watching, and the rest of the story.

For reference: The basic outline of the premise goes as follows. Tink, a mischievous young angel, causes a soul about to be born to have two "hearts", a male and a female heart. He's exiled from Heaven until he can retrieve the "wrong" heart from the child.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale kingdom of Silverland, a child is born to the queen. It's biologically female, but due to circumstances that differ between versions, the public is told that Prince Sapphire is a boy. Duke Duralumin, whose son by a relative of the king would otherwise be in line for the throne, is suspicious but can prove nothing.

Skip ahead fifteen years, and Tink is finally able to trace his target to Silverland, while Duke Duralumin and his lackey step up their attempts to prove Sapphire's a girl and thus ineligible to rule.

While the anime has never been legally put out on DVD in the US, there is now a lovely two-volume set of the manga available in English.

Sadly, being in a thick book makes the scanning process less successful. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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First, to offer some clarification: before this comic, I did have a few odd comics, but I wasn't really "in" to them. I think I managed a Spider-man or Captain America somewhere, and I think my dad had picked up the Batman issue where Jason Todd as Robin died. Oh, and I got a pack of mini-STAR Comics with Spider-Ham and such one Christmas.

Somewhere amidst that, I did get one of those three-packs which used to be in grocery stores on the kids rack, and it had three copies of Marvel's Transformers comic-- numbers 13, 14, and 15. And truth be told, while they're good in retrospect, they did little to hook me, a hardcore fan of the cartoon. They seemed too different, with their odd colors, and the Megatron solo issue which kicked the three off did little to appease me, the Autobot fan (that he wasn't even himself for the duration didn't help).

So, I put them aside... until I saw this:

Well, that changes everything, now doesn't it?

I immediately forgot about the old comics, and probably had it in my mind that this would tie in more with the cartoon... possibly because (if I'm not mistaken) it had ended with "The Rebirth." As such, I asked my dad to get it for me.

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I'm going out of the box slightly here, not by talking about my first comic (could be an issue of the John Byrne run involving a giant snail, a Legends of the Dark Knight issue about the Joker's first journey into supervillainy, or an edited down issue of Batman Adventures, not sure which) but rather, the first time I actually got what made a character so awesome.

And that character was Doctor Doom.
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I still have memories of how I got this comic. I was around five or six years old. My parents were vacationing at Wisconsin Dells. On the way back home given there was no such things yet called Game Boys or Walkman they bought me this comic to get my attention. Boy did it...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Eight Pages of a Thirty Eight Page Story.
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The earliest comic I can remember reading was Justice League of America #76, which contained reprints of two earlier issues, #7 and #12. I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time, so I couldn't really "read" it, but the strange imagery definitely left an impression. Rereading it as an adult is a slightly different experience -- Gardner Fox explains everything *to death* -- but no matter how you slice it, "The Cosmic Fun-House" is still an incredibly weird story.
(6 pages from a 25-page story)
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In the name of the moon, I will punish you! )

TL;DR: Sailor Moon was my first comic (technically), I love it to this day, and Sailor Jupiter is still my hero.
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Since it was my idea, I really should make a contribution for the My First week. It isn't going to be too interesting for me to write about the first comics that I read, since they're collections of Peanuts, or Calvin and Hobbes or Asterix or Tintin that I devoured at the time, but don't have any abiding affinity for. My first dips into ongoing DCU and Marvel titles were with Civil War and 52, but I'm going to write about my first ongoing solo book. It's also the book that gave me my favourite character and one that I've actually identified with.
We are, of course, at Ms. Marvel #12 )
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They say that any comic could be someone's first comic, and my first comic, the first one I remember reading, is one that didn't spark my current interest in comics, but I thought I'd mention it anyway because after a long while, I found out what it was.

Legends of the Dark Knight #37
My first comic )
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Likely, my first comic was one of the kid-friendly comics of the time; one of the Harvey series, or Archie. The comic, though, the first one I can really remember that I bought by myself and ignited my life-long love of comics? This one. ).
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What an atrocious timekeeper I am.

One week later than promised, I'm introducing the third theme week of 2012:

free glitter text and family website at

Tell us about your firsts. First comic? First comic that meant ______ to you? First favourite character? First favourite artist? First comic that made you realise you wanted to devote your life to ______? AND SO ON.

You decide.

Tag with theme: my first week!

Or if you feel like reading instead of scanning - and possibly for "firsts" of a different type - just read back through February's cute romance week! Upon which I missed commenting due to IRL cute romancing taking me far from a keyboard but which I have bookmarked for future cheer-ups to be sure.

Get scanning!


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