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And no, I don't mean this, because that's a rather specialised and personal form of "Awwww!"

So instead I offer this, which "Yes", IS another BTAS story, and from the same issue as the Mr Freeze story.... but I make NO apologies for that. (It's also a three page story, which leaves me ONE page to tell the story, so bear with me)

It's also appropriate (for me) that it has as it's title an old Scottish folk song associated with this night of all nights.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot.... )
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Kon-El had a lot of "Awwww!" moments. One is SUPERBOY #70, when Superboy returns from Hypertime. (That was a short-lived attempt to bring back Multiple Earths in the mainstream DCU, used in SUPERBOY and THE FLASH.) While traveling alternate Earths, Kon-El found out Clark Kent was really Superman which... hurt his feelings.

Superboy V3 #70panel

How to ask something without asking )
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One of the most memorable of the many memorable aspects of the Batman Animated Universe was the way it dealt with it's villains.

Yes some were monsters in every sense of the word, but nearly all of them had, at their core, a human nature, a human frailty which had pushed them beyond the pale (often, but not always, a dark reflection of some aspect of Batman's own psyche).

Be it Mr Freeze's genuine love for his wife becoming an obsession to isolate himself from emotion, or Baby Doll being an adult woman forever trapped by genetics in the body of a child, or the Mad Hatter finding himself unable to interact with the woman he loves (or at least desires) because he's cripplingly shy.... That doesn't excuse their actions of course, but it does give them something for a viewer to relate to at some level and that was a powerful thing in the hands of skilled writers (and the comics reflected that too, to their eternal credit).

Take THIS guy for example.... )
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With the last Nintendo Power magazine having been releases earlier this year, much to the dismay and sadness to us oldschool gamers from back when the magazine was something coveted as the "Go To" source for video gaming back in the 1990's. With it came a comic featuring the more-or-less mascot of the magazine itself - Nester.

NESter was a teenaged gamer, who would often act as the promoter for new games, and would have game-based adventures. He became synonymous with the magazine, and even those without Nintendo Power magazine subscription most likely knew who Nester was.

Well, Nester grew up with us......

Thus Ends an Era..... )

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I thought scans from this annual were already posted here - I remember seeing previews somewhere but they don't seem to be up here.

Anyway, the sure-fire way to get me to buy a Spider-Man comic on the spot is to have Uncle Ben in it.

Included below the cut are two pages out of the 40-or-something pages of the annual from this year. I don't know if there are other earlier stories that showed what life would be like if Spider-Man didn't exist, but I liked the random earthquake-time-hopping aspect of it (and Uncle Ben's and Peter's interactions are ♥).

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Normally team books are easier to trim that solo books, since there's more likely to be sub-plots you can trim out. Alas for me, not in this case, because in this issue, only two Teen Titans appear, two of the originals, and a long standing plot point is wrapped up 20 years or so after it started.

Warm touchy-feelie stuff under the cut )
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This is actually a tough theme for me, not because I don't love such moments, (And not because of my penchant for tied up heroes) but rather the opposite, I love the slushy stuff and have posted a LOT of it, but that's just it, I've already posted them...

Whether it's another Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or a Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or AvX or Alfred being awesome... well, you see what I mean... I could also cite the entirety of Calvin and Hobbes, or a lot of Asterix, and they might be coming, but a recent post on tumblr reminded me of THIS scene.

Guess what, it's a Dick and Bruce moment )

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Even as a giant sized fight issue, it was really hard to trim this down to an acceptable pic count. Every blow between father and son must be seen.

But rules are rules. (Luckily, this was a giant story that had been set up for years.)

This story puts a lot of emphasis on Bruce Banner's relationship with his abusive father.

(Note, this was a 26 page story. As such, after a little updating, I have uploaded 8 pages.)

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With the new theme, I though I'd beat everyone to the first post and go with one of the sweetest aspects of comics, and something pretty important to me as a comic book fan.

The relationship between Mary Jane and Peter Parker:

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Thanks to all the community members who contributed to the vote to see what our December meme would be (I was thinking about making some clever wordplay like DecMEMEber, but that's too clumsy to say IMHO and sounds too close to "Dismember"...)

And of the 54 voters we had, 30 votes went to our winner, and so I can formally proclaim that our meme theme is...

Answer under the cut... just like opening an envelope at the Oscars )


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