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It's still "Villains Being Awesome" month! I can still get this in!

This is something of a repost of a Scans-Daily v1 post. I come to talk to you folk today about Der Rock the Destroyer, from Phil Foglio's graphic novel Buck Godot: PSmith.

'Who? What?' you ask? Find out below! )

14 1/3 pages from a 70-page graphic novel under the cut (mostly near the end, so spoilers are probably involved for those who care), plus 2 pages from a 36-page story.

As the watermarks at the bottom of the pages would indicate, the Foglios have put up all of their Godot works on their website (well, there is a short story involving nudity that wasn't put up). You can read PSmith here, or start at the very beginning here.
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UNCANNY X-MEN #275. Magneto, Rogue and Nick Fury vs. Zaladane and Savage Land Mutates. Zaladane has a machine that is stealing Magneto's power for her. (Some wonder if this story means Zaladane is Magneto's daughter, as Lorna Dane is Zaladane's sister.)

I am not Charles Xavier. )
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From the Batman: the Animated Series tie-in comic, here is a story that, due to being only 12 pages long, I can only post 4 pages of it!
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Nyssa al Ghul, aka Nyssa Raatko, wasn't in the Bat-universe for very long, even though I think she had a lot of potential. As Talia's half-sister and Ra's al Ghul's daughter, she had all of Talia's charms without any "Oh, beloved!" stuff when it came to Batman. And she had a real plan to deal with the Secret Society during INFINITE CRISIS.

Grand scheme. Odd costume. )
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There has been a lot said, and rightly so, in praise of making the Flash's Rogues less of a bunch of competing villains (a la Gotham), and something closer to a criminal fraternity.

However, they weren't always like that, and it was William Messner-Loeb who pretty much started that trend in 1989. That last one in particular is a "Villains being Awesome" post in it's own right.

Some years before that though, back in 1985 to be exact, over in the Marvel Universe another set of villains became something more than the norm.

From Serpent Squad to Serpent Society )


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