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Welcome back to [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter celebration! Sorry for dropping the ball yesterday, I guess it ended up being a lesser-known day (bum-duhm-CHING), but today we'll be discussing Street-level Heroes.

You all know them, the crimefighters, the detectives, the typically (though not always!) non-powered types. They usually do their heroing on a smaller, more personal scale, keeping an eye out for your everyday crimes, and sometimes things a little bigger than that.

My favorites?
As if it's a surprise to anyone at all anymore... )

So who are your favorite street-levelers?
And make sure to stay tuned tomorrow, when we'll be discussing Last Stands!
As always, you can find our full schedule here, so you won't miss a day! even when we do! /o\
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I'm not going to post any spoilers for RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #6, but I thought I would post a few pages that are referenced in the issue. I think enough people have read BATMAN: YEAR ONE. I don't know if enough have read 52 #30, or at least these pages from 52 issue #30.

Psychic surgery. )
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Hey folks, today we're asking what your favorite event is.

As for me... )

So how about you, what comics event really got your attention?
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Fans of comics love to argue who is the best/fastest/toughest character. Among DC Martial Artists, Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva, or Batman often get the nod. But there's one fellow who sometimes gets missed, even though he's been around since the early 70's:

Part of it is understandable, as he disappeared from comics after his short-lived series (based on a novel by Denny O'Neill & Jim Berry) was canceled, but 23 years ago, Denny re-invented him as the archetypal martial arts master, that guy who isn't as flashy as some, but is the best person to learn from.

Class is now in session )

It's because these scenes (among others) were so cool that I didn't care for the Dixon revamp. I do have a pet theory that "Richie" is a different fellow entirely, but this might not be the place for that. :)

(Scans from Birds of Prey #87, Batman Chronicles #5, Cry For Blood #3, and 52 #27.)
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This is nowhere near a complete list of some of the major Batman story arcs this decade, but which one do you think was the best? Why?

-- Hush

-- RIP

-- Heart of Hush

-- Under the Hood

-- War Games

-- Final Crisis

-- Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive

-- Arkham Asylum Living Hell

-- Batman and Son

-- Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul

-- Other (please list!)

And for legality, a SEXAH fighting scene between Batwoman and Nightwing, from 52, week 30.

Dick reveals he has a thing for redheads.  )

Suggested tags: Batwoman/Kate Kane, Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson

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Yesterday, I showed you how Superman celebrated the yule time with his folks, but today's 12-Day X-Mas Challenge, we're going to see how Lex Luthor celebrates the Holidays? Well, here are a couple of scans from 52, when Lex had alot to celebrate. Superman was gone, he regain his public image, and he had a team of super-powered teens under his control. So lets see how jolly Mr. Luthor is during this year...
It's going to be a RED Christmas )
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So, I've had a bit of a crazy week, which is why my next It's Not About The Answers post has been delayed, but two things that kind of slipped in struck me. The first is that I started smoking again because this has been a crazy week, and I needed it. The second is I started reading 52 because I hadn't bothered with the parts that don't involve Vic and Renee before.

I'll hopefully get the Blue Beetle #5-7 post done before this week's up. Things are lining up weirdly and I don't have nearly as much downtime as the vacation gave me, but we'll see.
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Or, "That's no paraplegic, that's a MAN, baby!" (Yes, my sense of humor is just a wee bit dark. Why do you ask?)

4 scans from 52, Week 41. I found a bunch of 52s and 52: World War issues at a book sale this weekend, and may be posting more from them as time goes on and I find more crack contained therein.
Nice flask, Ralphy. )


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