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If you ever wonder what inspires creators to take up the more commercial end of the comic writing business (eg toy-hawking lines)... apart from a need to pay rent and put food on the table like the rest of us... well, I suspect it's because every now and again something comes along which makes it ALL worthwhile!

The only surprise is that it took until issue 14 )
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It's been noted in the past that Grant Morrison paid his dues as a writer in some odd places, particularly in UK comics.

Case in point, Action Force Monthly #3

Now which of these two do you think he might be writing?

(Oh, for those unaware of such things, "Action Force" was the name "GI Joe" was given in the UK for most of the 1980's (To the extent that the cartoons were even overdubbed with any reference to "GI Joe" or "Yo Joe!" becoming "Action Force" and "Full Force!" (Which I like better). Instead of a completely American team like GI Joe, it was a truly international team of elite anti-terrorist specialists.)

It's ninjing time )


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