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Ah Metropolis. At this time during the Reign of the Supermen we saw four Supermen appear and defend it. The Parasites have returned to face its protector(s) again. Thankfully we have...oh damn, it's that Metropolis Kid protecting us. Yeah, we're gonna need backup there.

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Continuing from the end of ACTION COMICS #1,000,000 (already posted), 20th century Superman arrives at the 853rd century's Fortress of Solitude and meets its custodian, the Resurrection Man.

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Among DC superheroes Superman and Batman have always had a special relationship; they're not quite as close as, say, the Flash and Green Lantern, but they've gradually, over their publishing history, become known as close friends.

So how did this happen? In Superman: The Animated Series Superman and Batman first met(and discovered each other's identities) in the episode 'World's Finest'. In the (post-Crisis) comics, it happened in #3 of John Byrne's The Man of Steel miniseries.

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The generally positive response to my first post on Cat Grant as she was originally written made me decide to post another such scan.  This one is from a little earlier, from Adventures of Superman # 427.

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I was a reader of the various Superman titles in the eighties and nineties, and I was a fan of the character of Cat Grant (even though I did want Clark to end up with Lois eventually), and I have to confess to being very dismayed by how her character has been portrayed in more recent comics. So I thought I'd post some scans portraying her and her relationship with Clark from back then, sort of to set the record straight.

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About a week ago I did a post about, where I expressed some opinions about the general evolution of fight scenes in comic books and the difficulties in having two established characters face off in a fight. I also posted some scenes which I intended to exemplify different ways to fail in writing a good fight scene, but I promised to later do a post in which I would focus on fights where a character is essentially squashed by a superior opponent and still managing to come off relatively strong. I doubt that it will come to a huge surprise to anyone that the character squashed in these scenes will be Batman, but I'm certain you all also understand that we all have our dangerous obsessions, which limit our ability to enjoy normal. Anyway, to the scans themselves.


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