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Today I bring you one of DC's rarely considered gems from the early 90's.

A dramatic tale of romance! Science fiction! Crime-fighting!

One of them is a detective. The other one is a cartoonist. Together... THEY FIGHT CRIME!

Oh, did I mention that one of them is a gorilla? Cuz that's kind of important.

Yes, it's Angel & The Ape, by Phil Foglio. Originally a pure humor comic by E. Nelson Bridwell and Bob Oksner, the series was given a reboot by DC to bring it into their standard continuity, and our beloved creator of Girl Genius (then just a distant twinkle of gears and gals in his eye), was tapped for the job. (:

8 more pages (out of 24) below the cut. The cover totally lies about what this series is like.

The only other talking ape as cool as Ken Hale. )


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