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"I find that my stories for whatever reason move toward the darkness, but I’m not intentionally trying to scare someone. Growing up I was attracted to a darker side of America, an underside of American culture. There is a facade that I grew up with where everything is ok, but underneath that sometimes there is a dark underside. I was always interested in that facade and what it represented. And I was interested in reality, the reality I grew up with, the reality that I felt and that had nothing to do with the status quo and with the normal vision of a happy and secure family. None of my stories is very happy." -- Charles Burns

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"When I was in the middle of working on Black Hole I would have people interviewing me say, 'Oh, you’ve got daughters in high school. Are you using that as material for your book?' And my immediate reaction was, 'No!' I couldn’t stand the idea that the daughter that I loved was influencing this kind of horrific, dark story. On the other hand, I think that raising children and going through their high school years and all that — just seeing that whole process, yeah I was aware of that and I’m sure that played a part in the way I tell stories or of the stories I tell. I mean it’s all experience, so it all finds its way into the work. In some cases much more directly than others." -- Charles Burns

NSFW for nudity

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"Black Hole is about a disease that affects teenagers, and about the lives of those particular characters. In some way, the other elements are incidental. I mean, of course it plays an important role, but it’s not just about, you know, an STD that deforms teenagers. That’s not what the story is about. The story is about characters who are struggling with their adolescence and finding their way through that portion of their life." -- Charles Burns

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