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It's weird but... it's time to say goodbye to another big manga series that's been running for years now. Time to say goodbye to Bleach!

Here's some key moments from the last two chapters that are work looking at.

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My final post for One Perfect Moment Week and I shift to manga and to Gin Ichimaru from the anime/manga Bleach. Spoilers for the most recent chapter.

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I gave up on Bleach volumes ago. I get tired of the shonen habit of continually escalating power levels and length of battles.

I feel Bleach in particular lost its steam sometime during the Soul Society arc, and the repeating of the same basic plot ("must rescue the damsel in distress in alternate dimension from really powerful beings") is what made me abandon the title.

I'm saying this so that maybe you'll understand when I say that despite all this, this comic produced one of my favorite characters of all time.

His name is Hanataro Yamada. And this is why: )
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The question of whether Gene Simmons' son Nick plagiarized some of the contents of his comic Incarnate is already gathering steam at Wikipedia and GameFAQs and Bleachness, so I'll just link to that because I'm still wading through everything myself. But, for legality's sake:

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ETA: Radical Comics is now halting production and distribution of Incarnate until the matter is resolved.

Suggested tags: creator: Kubo Tite, creator: Kouta Hirano, creator: Nick Simmons, publisher: Radical Comics, title: Incarnate, title: Bleach, title: Hellsing


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