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Time for another Bokurano chapter, today Dung Beetle gives us some exposition and brings us one step closer to seeing just how bad shit is.


Didn’t I establish that, months ago? )

Also while I have people’s attention my last Bokurano post didn’t get tags. http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/1502101.html

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Time for yet another chapter of Bokurano. Normally I have a summary and a preview image here but for today’s chapter that would be pure spoilers and no good.

I will say the first protagonist blood is spilt though )

title: Bokurano
medium: manga
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So between homework, exams, holidays and approaching my maximum photobucket bandwidth my Bokurano series had to go on hold but I am back with Chapter 4. Welcome to the Begining of the end of the begining


Is it bright where you are? )

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Last time we were witness to the children’s first fight and received a bit of the back story. Today we see the rest of that fight and receive a little more back story.

Good Night Kokopelli )
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Okay so last time we introduced our unfortunate protagonists and were witness to them being contracted to this “game”. We also saw their robot rise up from the ocean. Today we meet one of the most annoying evil little buggers in the multiverse and get to see the first fight.


Who is this? Why should you hate them? Some explanation behind the cut. )
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Bokurano a manga and anime series that can be called one of the most depressing things created by human hands.

To quote from the TV Tropes Page on the series:

“Some describe it as "like Evangelion, but even more depressing and angsty." Others would say that doesn't go far enough and that Bokurano makes Evangelion look like the Carebears.”

An English Translation of the manga is in production by Viz and partially available at http://www.sigikki.com/series/bokurano/index.shtml

So as a welcoming present to the new Scans Daily I am going to take you through this series one chapter at a time. Please note that while this post and probably the next couple are clean enough to be left public later posts in this series shall be friend locked due to content. This chapter has 35 pages so if I understand the rules correctly that allows me 11.5 pages to post. Remember to read manga right to left.
So on with the show boys and girls.
A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play )


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