Booster Gold/The Flintstones #1: "Booster Trouble"

From the same Event that brought us Suicide Squads/Banana Splits, here's a crossover story of time travel gone awry...

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Girl problems

...for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, chipmunk, in this week's Booster Gold #37.

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August is apparently Barda and Scott month

Courtesy of Newsarama, two solicitations.

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suggested tags, genre: solicitation, title: Booster Gold, title: Batman: The Brave and The Bold, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: Booster Gold, char: Blue Beetle/Ted Kord, char: Mister Miracle/Scott Free, char: Big Barda, creator: Kevin Maguire, creator: Keith Giffen, creator: J.M. DeMatteis
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Time and the Rani

Three pages from Booster Gold #32...

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creator: keith giffen, creator: j.m. dematteis, creator: chris batista, title: booster gold, publisher: dc comics

Booster Gold #32

Tags:char: booster gold/michael jon carter,char: rip hunter,publisher: dc comics,title: booster gold, creator: CHRIS BATISTA, creator: keith giffen

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Knock Knock

Newsarama has various solicitations up. I've included two in this post (for Action Comics and Booster Gold.)

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Suggested tags: genre: solicitations, title: action comics, title: Booster Gold, creator: David Finch, creator: Kevin Maguire, creator: Paul Cornell, creator: Keith Giffen, creator: J.M. Dematteis, char: Lex Luthor, char: Booster Gold, char: Blue Beetle/Ted Kord, char: Maxwell Lord.
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Magic Hand Moment

As requested, the magic hand moment from Booster Gold #14.

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recommended tags - tag: batman/bruce wayne, tag: booster gold/michael jon carter, tag: char: mr. freeze/victor fries, title: booster gold, publisher: dc comics