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Greetings True Believers!

I had a brain-wave today and I realized this comm was missing something. The epic first encounter between Deadpool and Bob, Agent of HYDRA!

Bob is one of the most awesome characters that ever awesomed.

One of the things that DP often has going for him is an awesome supporting cast and Bob is one of the greats. If you're unaware of his existence, click I say! For your own sake!

"Bob is brave and noble. Like a steed."

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So we've gotten an "official" picture of Andrew Garfield as Spidey unmasked, and we've had a couple of candids of Spidey on set, but this here is the first official image of the new Spidey in full costume.

The movie, btw, is going to be called "The Amazing Spider-Man". 

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Here are my less-than-four pages from this week's comic that had me, lazy trade-only buyer, trekking to an actual comic store to snag it.


Deadpool & Cable #26: In which Deadpool nostalgizes/summarizes/hallucinates the high points of Cable & Deadpool and Messiah War and etcetera to the present, viewed as Deadpool's bittersweet love letter to his BFF, Cable. And by "BFF," I mean "apparently Valentine's Day has arrived a week and a half early!"

Read the first 6 sad/funny/sad pages here. (ETA Link fixed.) And then 2 pages plus a bit under the cut!

[Writer: Duane Swierczynski. Art: Leandro Fernandez. Colors: Steve Buccellato. Letters: Jeff Eckleberry. Cover: Dave Wilkins.]

It was love at first sight. )

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This wasn't even anything close to a hard choice for me. This guy is what got me into the comics medium in the first place. He's hilarious and even if I don't agree with his current direction or his recent over usage, he's always got a special place with me.

(Art by the amazing Reilly Brown, crappily colored by me)

Good 'ol Deadpool )

Quick question! Do I need to tag everyone in on the pages even if they're just cameos? Will.... Edit the tags after I get an answer if needed.

4 pages and two panels out of 40 pages from Cable and Deadpool #50
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I was going to post a page from X-Factor that I couldn't believe hadn't already been put up, what with it being awesomely Relevant To Your Interests. Then I realised it wasn't up because it was Peter David, and I was sad. ETA: And there's a discussion of it on No_Scans, yay!

Instead, have a great Overly Long Gag from (where else?) Cable and Deadpool. Two pages from issue 17 behind the cut: )
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The Love Meme was so much fun, I thought I'd start another (slightly different) meme on NSD.

The Comics Love Meme

Go forth and love.

And now for some scans.

When Deadpool met Cap, got inspired (as one does), and for his trouble, was shot in the head.

seven pages behind the cut )
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Surprisingly, this is not porn. But what a fabulous porn name it would be! Weasel takes a turn as the PENETRATOR (aka the penetraitor) in Cable and Deadpool 44. This scene made me cry I laughed so hard. As a Deadpool newbie, I think I've fallen in love. Thank you S_D for introducing him to me!!!!
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I feel this is merited.

So for those of you who don't know yet, there's been a Deadpool movie confirmed as a spinoff of Wolverine... check here for more information: Deadpool Movie

In honour of this, I felt it necessary to post a couple of my favourite scans from Cable and Deadpool issue 21, featuring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Weasel and the deliciously campy B.A.D. girls, contract mercenaries who were hired to steal the same thing that everyone else wants.

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Gasp! There's been a murder in Providence!

Who better to solve this than our favourite Merc with a Mouth, complete with a fedora and trenchcoat?

In which 'Pool is a dick. A private dick. A DETECTIVE. )
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Someone asked for "Anything Including Deadpool or the Human Torch" in their message on the request post.

I don't really have anything with the Human Torch.'s something with Deadpool...
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I've been purging my LJ scrapbook (it's full of Tarot scans ^^;) and found this. I have no idea why is it there and what the hell I needed it for but damn, I laughed.

Context for weaklings: Wade just got a job offer and now wants the payment...


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