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For the third and final of my Chocosis Christmas posts, we jump back to the first chapter. Lookit the Chokotto Sister tag for the others. (They're good! Read them!)

Why did I do the last chapter first, and the first chapter last? ... I don't know. I had a good reason when I started, but I've forgotten it now. Oh, well.

This one was a pain to cut down to the rules...I think the result is coherent, anyway.

Hello, Brother! )

And thus ends Christmas with Choco. Hope you enjoyed.
kamino_neko: Kamino Neko's squee icon. (Squee)
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Chokotto Sister is one of my favourite manga (and anime, but this isn't videos_daily, now, is it?). Which just happens to begin and end on subsequent Christmases. Which makes it a perfect for a series of xmas posts, eh?

We start, ironically, with the series' denouement. No real spoilers, though. )

6 pages from 19, and 6.3 from 20.


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