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Yeah, issue #4 of Jennifer Blood wasn't too much fun, so here I am to put up pages from Garth Ennis that I actually like.

For some reason, The Last Battle took a really damned long time to conclude. The last issue came out in February and, of course, ended on a cliffhanger before the series disappeared into a black hole. Fortunately, issue #6 finally came out last week.

The main plot of The Last Battle is almost irrelevant. The main plot threads involve Jay, who's finally recovering his faculties, and Wormwood himself dealing with the pressures of imminent fatherhood. Jay, the second coming of Christ, and Wormwood, who happens to be a successful television producer, have a new plan.

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Roberson posted scans from Chronicles of Wormwood on SD a while back, during "Garth Ennis Week." So far, there have been three Wormwood series: the original, a one-shot entitled The Last Enemy (which has some pretty awful art overall), and the current series, The Last Battle.

Last Battle is on a schedule that could be charitably described as "quarterly." Part of it may be the new artist, Oscar Jimenez, who's a pretty good fit for the material. The series is quite gory and features a great deal of apocalyptic imagery, so it may not be to everyone's taste. Personally, I read it for everything but the demonic/Biblical plot.

A quick summary of Wormwood: Danny Wormwood is the Antichrist, and he's buddies with Jay, a.k.a. Jesus Christ. Jay took a hit to the head from an LAPD riot cop a few years ago, and since then, has been having a very hard time making himself understood.

Apparently that is not so much the case anymore.

After the cut: a right-wing radio personality takes a call from Jesus Christ.

The first three pages of issue #4. Safe for work. )

creator: garth ennis
creator: oscar jimenez
publisher: avatar
title: chronicles of wormwood
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Tags- creator: garth ennis, creator: jacen burrows, title: chronicles of wormwood
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Meet Danny Wormwood. He's your friendly, neighborhood anti-Christ.

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creator: garth ennis, creator: jacen burrows, title: chronicles of wormwood, publisher: avatar press


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