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"Crossed +100 isn’t as unflinchingly brutal as earlier iterations of the franchise, but violence and cruelty do most certainly feature. As with Garth’s first story, albeit in an utterly different way, I’m back to arguing – actually, insisting – that Alan’s book has genuine literary value.

"All of which is why, when Alan reached the end of his six-issue story, and asked me whether I’d consider picking up the reins – to continue the story of Archivist Future Taylor – I didn’t think twice." - Si Spurrier

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'It’s not easy reading. Partly that’s because of Alan’s cherished adherence to “literary difficulty” - the notion that readers prepared to invest some effort in a text will be doubly rewarded by it, hence there’s little to be gained from catering to the causal skimmer. In the case of +100 that manifests as an entirely new idiomatic language used by the characters, which has evolved out of English during the intervening century of their ancestors’ trials and tribulations. It’s familiar but exotic, jarring but charmingly creative. As with his former opus Halo Jones, and the opening chapter in his seminal Voice of the Fire, Alan has the knack for neologisms which speak to the reader’s instinct without pausing to demand explanation.' - Si Spurrier

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'Through the eyes of one remarkable woman – a fan of ancient sci-fi (or “wishful fictions”, as she calls them) – we’re introduced to a world where the Crossed are almost non-existent (evil, after all, is just as good at destroying itself as it is at razing anything else). In this hand-to-mouth existence, the scattered “settles” of what was once Tennessee are facing a quiet cultural decision: to learn the lessons of the past, or to take their New Eden for granted.' - Si Spurrier

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