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A lot of the time I've seen Garth Ennis' work posted here, people tend to focus more on the juvenile shock-humour stuff than, you know, stuff he's actually written well. As such, I've decided to post bits and pieces from his less gratuitous works in a vain attempt to balance things out a bit.

First up, Dan Dare!

Background and a bunch of scans behind the cut )
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As the entire issue is avaliable for free on Newsarama, I think the rules say that I can post this.
Kind of a lot of pages behind the cut )
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Question: When a full issue is posted for free on a site like Newsarama, is it still governed by the "third of a story" rule?
Six Pages out of 21, Just In Case )
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After much delay, I have been able to obtain the omnibus trade of this series, and I have to say that I recommend it highly.

Here's one of my favourite scenes from the series

Contains Spoilers for the New series )


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